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Ullman Dynamics Products 2007 - 7 Pages

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Ullman Dynamics Products 2007

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Ullman Dynamics AB world leader in shock mitigation seating Ullman Dynamics AB

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ULLMAN JOCKEY SEATS SHOWN TO REDUCE PHYSICAL WORKLOAD Ullman Seats Reduce Impact Loads on the Human Body Ullman Dynamics is the world leader in shock mitigation seats for High-Performance boats. High-speed boat driving causes injuries to backs necks, knees and ankles. Several studies have shown that many seats, with or without suspension, amplify the impacts from the hull. Even standing often causes higher impacts on the human back than on the hull itself. The faster a boat travels in heavy seas, the greater the impacts with the water surface. These impacts are transferred to the human...

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Ullman Atlantic Seat Ullman Atlantic Seat Optimized Comfort and Safety for High Performance Boats • • • • • • • • 2 or 4 point safety belt - Air Tech • Sledge for longitudinal adjustment electric or mechanical • Weight: 45 kg Vertical Travel: 200 mm (measurements in mm) Adjustable multipurpose joystick integrated in armrest • 556 7 Axis adjustable armrests designed for rough conditions Heavy duty water resistant upholstery • Multiple colour sets available 735 • • 330 465 • • Seating geometry designed to give passenger optimal body posture for handling both static and dynamic loads. Built-in...

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Common Features Ullman Jockey Seat COMPACT • Ullman Jockey Seat BISCAYA Seating geometry designed to give passengers optimal body posture for dynamic loads. • Designed to fit in limited spaces. Ullman Semi Active Progressive Shock Mitigation High backrest and longer saddle sides for maximum comfort and support System, provides unsurpassed shock mitigation • Small footprint takes up only marginally more space than the person seated in it Spring Unit made of multi-composites and Stainless Steel (316) Horseshoe shaped handle - support for passengers sitting or standing behind • Extra padding...

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Jockey Seat Accessories Stowage Hatches Large waterproof screw-in hatches, transforming the pod into a 22 litre waterproof stowage space. Front Seat Handle For standalone seat, or the front most seat in a row. Designed to withstand extreme impact forces. Ullman Leaflex™ Ullman Console Insulated Handles Anti-reflective and insulating coating for military or cold-climate operations. Lap Belt Air Tech Aircraft Technology lap belt For navigator and operator in need of using their hands for operating instruments. Ullman POD™ Semi active progressive shock mitigation system. High vertical impact...

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Ullman Cockpit System References Seats, Console, Steering System and A-Frame Developed and built with the famous Ullman function and quality Ullman Steering System The Ullman steering bar with all controls integrated provides Superior boat control Optimal multi-modal feedback Ability to steer, throttle and trim while safely holding on in any sea state and condition Available for • Outboards • Stern drives • Water jets • Single and twin drive lines. Ullman A-Frame Ullman Cockpit system is designed to reduce the impacts and injury risks by: • • • • Absorbing high energy impacts into the...

 Open the catalog to page 6 SWE +46 31 708 26 00 USA +1 202 470 26 04 FAX +46 31 708 26 09 DISCLAIMER: Driving fast at sea is always associated with significant risks, especially in high sea states. Even the best seats in the world will never be a guarantee against injuries. The enhanced control and comfort of the Ullman Cockpit System can make you want to drive faster. Do not drive your boat faster than what feels comfortable for everyone on board. It is your responsibility as a boat driver to keep everyone on board safe. REMEMBER: Discomfort is a sign of dangerous exposure. Pain is a sign of...

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