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1: Console design Aiming for the best console ergonomics? Visit for full design guide lines. 2: Posture Optimal seating posture is achieved with an upright forward facing position. Head and shoulders in a vertically aligned position and full backrest contact. Maintenance: Functional No maintenance needed. Aesthetic Fresh water rinse after usage. For longest aesthetic life time use weather protection cover (optional). Allow seats to dry after usage. 3: Steering wheel hub An all-around recommended hub height is between 720-800mm. (custom fabrics and colours optional) 4: Seating height The Ullman Daytona series has a seating height of 385mm. Always let the seat installation height be driven by your platforms sight lines. Seat upholstery: Premium leather or vinyl. Seat structure: GRP- or Carbonfiber unibody Damper: Anodized marine grade aluminium. Stainless steel piston. 5: Knee Clearance Recommended spacing between console and seat (front face of spring unit) = 600+ mm. (Adjustable compression optional, EN-AW 5083, SS.EN 1.4404 / AISI 316-L) 6: Seat layout - Longitudinal split Recommended longitudinal seat c-c measure is 900+ mm. Spring unit: Stainless steel, acid proof duplex grade. Multi composite leaf springs. Available with coating. 7: Seat layout - Lateral split Recommended lateral seat c-c measure is 600+ mm. 8: Tracks A lateral c-c measure of 300 mm is the most compatible for Ullman Jockey seats. 9: Wheel position For optimal operational ergonomics, place the wheel with a 30º (35-45º) vertical angle with an offset lateral position of 70 mm (compared to seat centre). This gives a symmetrical grip between the wheel and throttle and an upright seating position. Disclaimer Driving fast at sea is always associated with significant risks, especially in high sea states. Even the best seats in the world will never be a guarantee against injuries. The enhanced control and comfort of the Ullman Jockey Seats and the Ullman Cockpit System can make you want to drive faster. Do not drive your boat faster than what feels comfortable for everyone on-board. It is your responsibility as a boat driver to keep everybody on-board safe. REMEMBER: Discomfort is a sign of dangerous exposure. Pain is a sign of threatening injury

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Daytona series deck hole pattern For fastening techniques, installation guidance and fastening/ mounting accessories, visit

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