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Veth Rudder Propeller

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About Veth Propulsion Veth Propulsion, by Twin Disc, is a customer-oriented Dutch thruster manufacturer. A family-owned company, established in Papendrecht in the Netherlands in 1951, and international player which is leading in quality, service, innovation and sustainability. Veth Propulsion develops and produces various types of Your requirements are our starting point to entering into a Z-drives, including retractable thrusters, Hybrid Drives, Swing relationship. Due of the wide range of products, combined Outs and deck mounted units. You can find the Veth Rudder with the expertise of...

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Rudder propeller in general The basic principle of a rudder propeller is simple and effective. The propeller rotates 360 degrees around its own vertical axis to guarantee maximum maneuverability in all directions. Veth thrusters are suitable for a wide range of vessels, thanks By stocking the standard parts for every one of our thrusters, to our flexibility and customization. Your wishes are the basis, we can provide fast service when needed. with several possible options, configurations and drive lines to choose from. The thruster units are available with open propeller, counter rotating...

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Power range single propeller Z-drives (VZ), L-drives (VL) and Hybrid Drives (VHD) Advantages Z-drive (compared to a conventional propeller system) • 360 degrees full thrust, thus optimum maneuverability • 2% more efficiency than with a conventional propeller • Possibility for flexible suspension (better insulation from noise and vibration) • Ability to change propeller without docking • Simple to install in a variety of ways • More room for passengers / cargo due to compact construction • No separate gearbox needed • Ideally suited for Dynamic Positioning (DP) • Safer, through shorter...

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Integrated clutch Limited slipping clutch Veth Propulsion offers an integrated slipping clutch solution The advantage of the integration of both control systems as an option. This slipping clutch enables the operator the is that all the information necessary to control the thruster ability to manoeuvre the vessel with absolute accuracy. is directly available without the intervention of third party systems. This provides you with a safe and accurate control. The hydraulically actuated clutch, which functions as a conventional clutch by default, can convert idle engine rpm The stroke of the...

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Prince Job 1 | Engine room Bolted connection of lower gearbox to the middle part of the thruster Bureau Veritas CLEAN SHIP Dynamic seal systems Level alarms The seal system’s primary function is to keep the thruster Should a leak occur in either of the seal chambers, oil can Veth Propulsion is continually looking lubricant inside the thruster assembly, separated from leak away from, or water or lube oil can ingress into, the seal for solutions to meet the highest quality the (sea)water. The two dynamic seals in the Veth Z-Drive chambers. Loss of seal oil will cause the level in the seal...

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Drive options The starting point for the choice of the appropriate rudder propeller is the sailing profile of your ship. Based on that, you can opt for various drives: • Diesel-electric / LNG-electric • Hydraulic • A combination of the above Diesel-direct driven Veth thrusters have a built-in clutch, with its controls integrated into the Veth Control System. A compact solution which makes the thruster easier to install. Horizontal vs. Vertical In the case of electric and hydraulic units, you can also choose for a vertical drive: the Veth L-drive. Here, the motor is mounted vertically and...

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Hybrid drive Added value for you Also for sustainable solutions, Veth Propulsion is the right • Better loading of the engine relative to the fuel address. Concerning the environment we are committed to making our contribution. One example is the Veth Hybrid • Higher redundancy compared to diesel- electric systems but with lower costs • Lower fuel consumption over total speed range De Veth Hybrid Drive combines proven quality and technology • Lower maintenance costs with the latest hybrid insights. You can choose between • Possibility to add batteries and sail in complete silence two drives,...

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Can be used as a generator An additional advantage of the Veth Hybrid Drive is that the electric motor can also be used as a generator. When the diesel engine is running at less than full power, there is enough power left over for the electric motor to be run as a propeller shaft driven generator, costing little extra fuel. The on-board generator sets can thus be switched off. This saves running hours, so maintenance costs. Battery pack drive The system is also suitable to drive the electric motor via a battery pack. The battery pack can be connected directly to the DC bus of the inverter...

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Executions The type of rudder propeller that best suits Deep Helder | Type: VL-400-Retractable Deep Helder | Engine room Acta Orion | Type: VL-900-Retractable your needs, depends on factors such as the Acta Orion | Engine room type of vessel, available space and the desired maneuverability. Read more about the Veth retractable thruster, the Veth Swing Out, the deck-mounted thruster and the portable propulsion solution. If you need a 360 degrees steerable thruster to be used as auxiliary propulsion, then a retractable thruster might be interesting. A big advantage of our retractable range is...

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Veth Swing Out If you need a retractable 360 degrees steerable thruster which is to be used as auxiliary propulsion and there is limited height available, then a Swing Out may be of interest to you. These can be folded fully flat inside the ship, ensuring a low construction profile. The Veth Swing Out uses components from the Veth standard azimuth thruster range and can be hydraulically lowered out of the vessel’s hull and can be steered limitlessly through 360 degrees once it has reached the fully folded out position. De Veth Swing Out is particularly advantageous for mega yachts. The...

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