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‘Innovation and development are part of our DNA’ Shallow draft A major advantage of a horizontal propeller is that Veth Propulsion believes in the power of simplicity, optimum thrust is achieved at minimum draft, without combined with robustness and sustainability, which vulnerable parts sticking out beneath the vessel. The you will find reflected in all of its products. So there shallow draft thrusters provide high thrust even at are only few moving parts outside the gearbox, and cruising speed, because the propeller draws up the all Veth thrusters are built with minimal ductwork due water...

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The Veth Jet channel bow thruster is an invention of Jan Veth, which was launched in 1970 in response to the demand from the market for a • Optimum thrust at minimum draft thruster that could function optimally 360° with a (once the propeller is under water) shallow draft. The Veth Jet is still used extensively in the inland and maritime navigation, but the thruster is also • 360° of steering (in case of a 4-channel Veth Jet) ideal for multiple sectors such as dredging, crane • High thrust; approx. 11 kg per kW • Easy to install and requires minimal Our thrusters are fully equipped for...

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The basic principle for this rugged construction is simple, effective and largely selfsufficient. Moreover, the entire thruster incl. gearbox is manufactured in-house. The concept is reliable, well thought out and is continuously improved upon to always guarantee the best quality. How does it work? • Thrust is approx 11 kg per kW • Types K-800 to K-1300 are available as a vertical motor execution • The indicated values are based on intermediate duty and are subject to application and classification • Values are for indication only. Power ranges for your specific application are available on...

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Versions of the Veth Jet The Veth Jet can be driven by a diesel engine, electric motor or hydraulically. An electric or diesel-powered Impossible to sail through narrow locks without a 4 channel Veth Jet bow thruster! Ad Toonen, Technical Superintendant, short sea specialist Wijnne Barends version? The motor can be placed on one of the side channels and we can also supply a ready-made engine foundation. The Veth Jet is suitable for various disciplines and available in several variants. No space for a horizontal drive motor? No problem. Then you can choose a vertical-drive unit. Also, a Veth...

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Veth Compact Jet Are you looking for a bow thruster which ensures minimal noise at maximum thrust and minimum draft, which also can be used as propulsion? Then the Veth Compact Jet offers you a suitable and unique solution. The Veth Compact Jet can be found only at Veth Propulsion. It is part of the shallow draft family: with its horizontal propeller. A special feature of the Veth Compact Jet is that the propeller is placed at an angle of 17°. In practice this means more efficiency and higher thrust on a sailing vessel. Because you can install the Veth Compact Jet in rubber mounts and the...

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For Scylla, the Veth Compact Jet is the ideal combination of a silent bow thruster and emergency propulsion. In conjunction with the Veth Z-drives our ships are very maneuverable, even in high winds. Bart Vos, Naval Architect, Scylla AG Veth Propulsion is continually looking for solutions to meet the highest quality standards and latest regulations, including those for the environment. For example, by limiting of the impact of our operations on the environment. The Bureau Veritas CLEAN VESSEL notation is an additional notation that imposes requirements on waste management, anti-fouling...

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Ideal to use as propulsion By combining maximum thrust in any position with the fact that there are no vulnerable parts protruding below the hull, the Veth Compact Jet is also ideal to use as propulsion. Because the propeller shaft is mounted at a 17° angle in the thruster, the intake duct is directed forward allowing it to draw in water more easily, even at higher speeds. The outflow channel rotates simultaneously, with the same thrust in any direction, resulting in stable and predictable steering performance. The hydraulic system is also similar to that of our Z-drives. This solution has...

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Veth Steering Grid Are you looking for a 360° steerable thruster, which Why a Veth Steering Grid? takes up little space and is easy to build? Then the Veth Steering Grid may offer the solution. Thrust • No channels are required • Maximum thrust at minimum draft With a Veth Steering Grid you achieve optimal thrust at minimum draft by the use of the horizontally • Compact and easy to install mounted propeller. Even at speed and with no parts protruding under the vessel. The Veth Steering Grid • Low maintenance due to robust construction makes use of existing technology found in the successful...

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A thruster manufacturer with enthusiastic and committed people. They understand the With the aid of a horizontal propeller, the water is drawn in from under the vessel. business, pay attention to detail and have Then the water is guided via a hydro-dynamically streamlined house to the outside provided us with great products for years. through a grid. This grid is steerable through 360°. Fam. Wanders, Owners Unibarge The Veth Steering Grid is available in diesel, electric or Are you looking for a similar solution for smaller capa- hydraulic drive. In all cases the drive motor can be sup-...

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Veth Steering Grid has different options available: • Diesel • Electric • Hydraulic • Thrust is approx. 7,5 kg per kW • Types VSG-800 to VSG-1300 are available as a vertical motor execution • The indicated values are based on intermediate duty and are subject to application and classification • Values are for indication only. Power ranges for your specific application are available on request • No rights can be taken from this sheet and data is subject to change without notice

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