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Global Customer Service & Support 5 li tisidiaf y/Compaiiy-Own ed DwTribirtor * Nnr:l 1'nMy IhsInlKjlOr * Sorvrco Dealer With our vast network of distributor and dealer locations around the world, Twin Disc offers you unprecedented service support. We can put engineering and service expertise on location virtually anywhere. We’ll work with you on your particular application and product to ensure optimum results. We’re more than just a name you know, Twin Disc is a name you can trust. Wherever you are when you need support, simply call your local Twin Disc distributor. To find your nearest distributor, scan the QR code below or go to IMPORTANT NOTICE: Twin Disc, Incorporated reminds users of these products that their safe operation depends on use in compliance with engineering information provided in this catalog. Users are also reminded that safe operation depends on proper installation, operation and routine maintenance and inspection under prevailing conditions. It is the responsibility of users (and not Twin Disc, Incorporated) to provide and install guards or safety devices which may be required by recognized safety standards or by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and its subsequent provisions. GlobSer 4/15 PRINTED IN U.S.A. TWIN DISC, INCORPORATED RACINE, WISCONSIN 53403, U.S.A. 262-638-4000/262-638-4481 (FAX) WWW.TWINDISC.COM U.S.A. • AUSTRALIA • BELGIUM • CANADA • CHINA • INDIA • ITALY • SINGAPORE • SWITZERLAND

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Customer Support The Twin Disc Global Customer Support Program is committed to providing world-class support in the most efficient and consistent manner for all of our customers. Our regional sales offices and vast distribution network support Twin Disc products in service all over the world. With a corporate presence in every major market region, and our extensive and growing worldwide network of more than 250 distributor sales and service locations in 83 countries, you can rest assured you’re never far from Twin Disc support. Service Training Training curriculum provided by the Twin Disc...

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