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mechanical power take-offs GO WITH WHO YOU KNOW With our vast network of locations around the world, Twin Disc offers you unprecedented global sales and service support. We can put engineering and service expertise on location virtually anywhere. We’ll work with you on your particular application and product to ensure optimum results. We’re more than just a name you know, Twin Disc is a name you can trust. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Twin Disc, Incorporated reminds users of these products that their safe operation depends on use in compliance with engineering information provided in this catalog. Users are also reminded that safe operation depends on proper installation, operation and routine maintenance and inspection under prevailing conditions. It is the responsibility of users (and not Twin Disc, Incorporated) to provide and install guards or safety devices which may be required by recognized safety standards or by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and its subsequent provisions. BULLETIN308S 1/15 PRINTED IN U.S.A. TWIN DISC, INCORPORATED RACINE, WISCONSIN 53403, U.S.A. 262-638-4000/262-638-4481 (FAX) WWW.TWINDISC.COM U.S.A. • AUSTRALIA • BELGIUM • CANADA • CHINA • INDIA • JAPAN • ITALY • SINGAPORE • SWITZERLAND

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POWER TAKE-OFFS An extra margin of strength Actual design torque capacity of the clutches used in Twin Disc power take-offs is in excess of the horsepower rating listed. This 25.4 permits Twin Disc power take-offs in proper adjustment to withstand temporary torque overloads. Rated torque can be transmitted while moderately slipping during short periods without permanent damage. Ventilated Center Plates and Drive Ring Tapered Roller Main Bearings Optional Pilot Bearings Tapered Roller Main Bearings [14.00] ÿ355.6 (8) 5/8 HEX. HD. BOLTS EQUALLY SPACED Rubber Block Drive Power Take-Offs • RBD...

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Power Take Off - 3

PTO SIZING EXAMPLE – Select the proper Twin Disc PTO for this application Several factors must be considered in the selection process in addition to duty service, such as: A disconnect PTO is required to drive a rotary screw compressor which is a Duty Class III application. The prime mover is a diesel engine rated for 200 hp @ 2,000 rpm. The engine has a SAE #2 flywheel housing and SAE 11.5" flywheel with a 72 mm pilot bearing bore. The sheave pitch diameter mounted to the PTO shaft will be 13" and “V” belts are used for power transmission. The centerline of the load imposed “X” dimension...

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Power Take Off - 4

CLASS I (Disconnect) 1. Pumps - centrifugal 2. Hydraulic pumps (without pre-charge) 3. Feeders - disc type 4. Agitators - pure liquids 5. Irrigation pumps Duty Class I: The clutch is used for disconnecting the power from the load. When engaging, so little work is done that the clutch shows no temperature increase at the pressure plate outer surface. Use maximum input torque from the Class I Table, disregard horsepower. The mechanism is operated one or more hours before disconnecting. Examples: Engagement of clutches with the driven equipment having WR2 less than that of the clutch and whose...

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Power Take Off - 5

ALLOWABLE SIDE-PULL LOADS FOR STANDARD POWER TAKE-OFFS PTO MODEL AND DRAWING NUMBERS “X” DISTANCE, INCHES (see sketch) CX-106SP X8317 (M141A) The following general formula should be used for determining the actual applied load. _ 126,000 x HP x F x LF L _ N x D WHERE: L _ Actual Applied Load (lbs) N _ Shaft Speed (RPM) D _ Pitch Diameter (in) of Sheave, etc. F _ Load Factor 1.0 for Chain or Gear Drive 1.5 for Timing Belts 2.5 for All V Belts 3.5 for Flat Belts LF _ 2.1 for Reciprocating Compressors and other Severe Shock Drives and 1.8 for Large Inertia Type Drive (crushers, chippers,...

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Power Take Off - 6

STANDARD POWER TAKE-OFFS Dimensions of Twin Disc industrial PTOs with drive ring and overcenter clutch conform to the recommendations of SAE J621 (latest revision) unless noted. DIMENSIONAL DATA (all dimensions in inches unless noted) SUPPORT PLATE MOUNTING TO FIT 360° PILOT, REF “J." SEE IMPORTANT NOTICE. 1 Dimension shown is for No. 4 and No. 6 Housings; 2.63" for No. 5. 2 Dimension shown is for No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 housings; 2.16" for No. 4. 3 +.0000 and -.0006. 4 Furnished with spherical roller main bearings. 5 +.0000 and -.0008. 6 Sealed roller bearing. 7 2.13" DIM is non SAE std....

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DYNAMICALLY-BALANCED DRIVING RINGSDimensions of Twin Disc industrial PTOs with drive ring and overcenter clutch conform to the recommendations of SAE J621 (latest revision) unless noted. DIMENSIONAL DATA (all dimensions in inches unless noted) 1 Nodular Iron Driving Ring 2 SAE Grade 8 Attachment Capscrews Required USE A CERTIFIED PRINT FOR INSTALLATION Correct and proper installation is very important. Procedures are described in Care and Operation Manuals and Tech Talk Service Letters 71-1,71-2, 73-2 and 77-5. Copies are available upon request. 12

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Power Take Off - 8

PTO APPLICATION DATA SHEET PLEASE RETURN TO: Twin Disc, Incorporated Industrial Applications Phone: +1 (262) 638-4000 Fax: +1 (262) 638-4482 Email: Date: Company: Contact Name: City: State: Country: Phone: Email: TYPE AND MODEL OF MACHINE PRIME MOVER Twin Disc has the best ways to transform power into productivity. Our wide range of power transmission products and nearly a century of applications make OEM “engineering in” or aftermarket replacement easy and economical. Plus, all Twin Disc products offer renowned reliability, low operating costs and a global...

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