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( .9 ) TWIN DISC HAS MORE WAYS TO CONVERT POWER TO PRODUCTIVITY For nearly a century, we’ve been putting horse- And, our off-highway transmission products power to work by designing, engineering and are used in agricultural, all-terrain specialty vehicle manufacturing rugged-duty industrial products. and military applications. We have built a world- Our products and our reputation are bolted to wide reputation on our ability to engineer and the X 9.50 LONG KEY 1.00 SQ. most renowned engine manufacturers and manufacture products that offer incomparable effectiveness and efficiency under the...

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While there are varying demands for particular applications, each application has a constant set of criteria that must be met — speed, agility and reliability. Twin Disc industrial products are critical links in the powertrain of a machine or vehicle as well as overall performance and value. Therefore, our products must deliver the right amount of power on command, under all conditions, time and time again. Mechanical Power Take-Offs Twin Disc offers more mechanical PTOs in more capacities than any other manufacturer. Available in sizes up to 533 mm (21 in), these reliable devices are ideal...

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15°Military vehicles utilize Twin Disc automatic transmissions All-wheel-drive on/off-highway vehicles such as Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles benefit from fast, smooth acceleration and pump-and-roll capability. Oil and gas operations enjoy the reduced stress on drivers and drivelines when their servicing and fracturing rigs traverse rugged territory. And they know they can count on Used primarily to drive centrifugal pumps and fans, Twin Disc Universal Control Drives (UCDs) are regarded by the industry as an effective method of accurately and efficiently controlling...

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GO WITH WHO YOU KNOW. With our vast network of locations around the world, Twin Disc offers you unprecedented sales and service support. We can put engineering and service expertise on location virtually anywhere. We’ll work with you on your particular application and product to ensure optimum results. We’re more than just a name you know, Twin Disc is a name you can trust. For more information, visit Twin Disc, Incorporated Racine, Wisconsin 53403, U.S.A. 262-638-4000/262-638-4481 (fax) United States of America • Australia • Belgium • France • Italy •...

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