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WE’VE EARNED OUR REPUTATIO N T H ROUGH Starting with hard-working marine transmissions for Great Lakes fishing boats in the ‘30s, the company then received the Navy’s contract for marine transmissions on more than 20,000 Higgins landing craft in WWII. The reputation for rugged reliability expanded Twin Disc’s marine transmission applications throughout North America. Renowned performance in such demanding operating conditions cemented the company’s status as the premier marine transmission manufacturer. The company continued to increase its transmission line during the 1950s to include more...

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THE SYSTEM Twin Disc’s extensive array of boat management to provide unparalleled operating synergy. equipment allows you to tailor your propulsion You’ll experience remarkably smooth shifts, system to provide the ultimate performance, impressive speed and amazing slow-speed control and reliability. All Twin Disc marine control and maneuvering all steeped in almost products have been engineered and a century of rugged dependability in the most manufactured to work seamlessly together rigorous operating conditions. MARINE TRANSMISSIONS MARINE CONTROL DRIVES EXPRESS JOYSTICK SYSTEMS ® (EJS ®)...

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Whatever her hull, whatever her mission, your vessel will perform better and more reliably with Twin Disc above and below the waterline. Should any Twin Disc component need repair or replacement, our global sales and service network stands ready to support you wherever in the world your boat operates. VETH AZIMUTH DRIVES & PROPULSION SYSTEMS MANEUVERING THRUSTER REAR ENGINE PTOS TRIM TABS ARNESON ® SURFACE DRIVES STEERING SYSTEMS HYDRAULIC POWER TAKE-OFFS PUMP DRIVES ROLLA™ PROPELLERS SHAFT LINES Crewboat Yacht Fishing Yacht Ferry Sailboat Commercial Fishing Tugboat Military Racing SPORT...

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PLEASURE CRAFT TRIM TABS Whether for elegant cruising, high-speed exhilaration or precise slow-speed maneuvering in challenging circumstances, Twin Disc offers infinite combinations of the most sophisticated and durable propulsion components for all forms of power and drive configurations. No marine transmission in the industry shifts as smoothly and reliably as the Twin Disc QuickShift® transmission. Coupled with the Express Joystick System® (EJS®), you’ll have the most advanced and precise slow-speed maneuverability avai

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New and experienced boaters alike can master crowded marinas, tight slips, and variable current and wind conditions. Link the EJS® to Express Positioning®, and you have remarkably accurate, hands-free position holding. Twin Disc has the boat management system to optimize the pleasure of pleasure boating.

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COMMERCIAL CRAFT Crewboat Yacht Fishing Yacht Ferry Sailboat Commercial Fishing Tugboat Military Racing For all the different classes of workboats and all their varied missions, they have a single common denominator. They need to get a job done as quickly, efficiently and reliably as possible—often under grueling conditions. Twin Disc commercial marine products evolved from some of the toughest duties imaginable. Not only do you have our legacy of rugged reliability in every propulsion component, today, our sophisticated controls and precision maneuvering systems complement that renowned...

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Never have workboats been able to accomplish their wide-ranging tasks so efficiently, quickly and productively. The combination of Twin Disc commercial marine propulsion, control and auxiliary power transmission products gets the job done.

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STRENGTH, SPEED FAST CRAFT For vessels such as fast ferries, water taxis and high-speed offshore well servicing craft, performance translates quite literally to “time is money.” Fast ferries and water taxis must race the clock to meet schedules consistently day in and day out, regardless of weather and water conditions. They must have precise, agile and smooth docking capabilities with utmost passenger comfort and safety. Twin Disc QuickShift® marine transmissions, coupled with electronic controls, offer the ultimate in high-speed output and slow-speed maneuve

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The new breed of fast boats to service offshore well platforms requires tremendous propulsion power to haul heavy loads and get on task quickly. Once on station they must use precise control and positioning to off-load personnel and materials under challenging sea conditions. The more duty cycles a boat can perform in a day, the more productive and profitable it is. Twin Disc has the high-power, high-reliability propulsion components and sophisticated control and positioning systems to provide the most productive performance to, at and from the platform.

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WHEN DUTY PATROL CRAFT TRIM TABS For high-speed interception, search and rescue, coastal defense and harbor patrol, Twin Disc propulsion and boat management systems provide fast and reliable response. Nations around the world specify Twin Disc components because of their proven rugged dependability and high-speed performance.

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You can choose to optimize shaft-line propulsion power or achieve the top-end that only Arneson® Surface Drives can attain. When getting there fast is the mission, count on Twin Disc.

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GLOBAL MEANS GLOBAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Twin Disc has designed, built and serviced countless marine products all over the world for almost a century. This unparalleled history of incorporating innumerable vessels in varied operating conditions affords us a unique understanding of the global marine industry. Our global R&D perspective yields innovative marine products relevant and important to individual customer vessel types, missions and duty requirements. GLOBAL APPLICATION ENGINEERING Our application engineers bring to the table global experience and resources to help you select the...

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Eighty percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Twin Disc covers most of that. With 250 Twin Disc distributors and service dealers across the world, you’ve got genuine Twin Disc Parts and Service availability—wherever you are. Distributors and service dealers maintain an inventory of critical products and spare parts. In an emergency situation, our global service team locates the available inventory nearest you and, combined with our after-hours emergency capabilities, gets you back underway right away. To help you avoid the unforeseen, Twin Disc distributors and service dealers...

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