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Land-Based Products Overview - 12 Pages

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Land-Based Products Overview

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( .9 ) TWIN DISC HAS MORE WAYS TO CONVERT POWER TO PRODUCTIVITY For nearly a century, we’ve been putting horsepower Our off-highway transmission products are used in to work by designing, engineering and manufacturing agricultural, all-terrain specialty vehicle and military rugged-duty industrial products. Our products and applications. We have built a worldwide reputation our reputation are bolted to the most renowned on our ability to engineer and manufacture products engine manufacturers and KEY 1.00 SQ. X 9.50 LONGequipment OEMs in that offer incomparable effectiveness and efficiency...

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Mechanical Power Take-Offs Hydraulic Power Take-Offs Pump Drives Air Clutches While there are varying demands for particular applications, each application has a constant set of criteria that must be met — speed, agility and reliability. Twin Disc industrial products are critical links in the powertrain of a machine or vehicle as well as overall performance and value. Therefore, our products must deliver the right amount of power on command, under all conditions, time and time again. Mechanical Power Take-Offs Twin Disc offers more mechanical PTOs in more capacities than any other...

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CA Series SAE #4 thru SAE #3 SAE 10” Single & double organic drive plate Capacity from 610 to 1220 Nm (450 to 900 lb.ft.) Sealed for life main ball bearing In-line applications only Bronze throw out collar C(X) Series SAE #6 thru SAE #1 SAE 6.5” thru SAE 11.5” Single organic drive plate - standard Sintered iron available: 8” thru 11.5” Capacity from 216 to 525 Nm (159 lb. ft. to 387 lb. ft.) Limited side load Ball bearing on main shaft Bronze throw out collar Pump Mount SAE “A” thru SAE “D” pads SAE #4 thru SAE #1 housing SAE 11.5” clutch Various input options Shaft clutch SL Series SAE #4...

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Blowers Compressors Conveyors Rock Crushers Mud Pumps Piston Pumps Hammer Mills Tub Grinders Fans Hydraulic Power Take-Offs The latest addition to the Twin Disc industrial products line is hydraulic PTOs. These units are available in side-load straddle-bearing clutched models, inline clutched models and non-clutched models. Applications for hydraulic clutches are similar to those for the mechanical PTOs. Hydraulic clutches can be used wherever a disconnect is required between the driven equipment and the prime mover. Typical applications include: • Centrifugal Pumps • Waterjets •...

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PFI-60 / PFI-120 These power take offs contain an integral bi-directional gerotor oil pump, integral pressure relief valve and SAE pump mount or keyed shaft output PFI-60    PFI-120 • 275 horsepower capability    •    510 horsepower capability • 12 or 24    Volt    DC solenoid    •    12 or 24 Volt    DC solenoid • SAE 3, 2    and    1 pump pad configurations    •    SAE 3, 2 and    1 pump pad    configurations • 1000kg side load capability    • 1000kg side load capability Designed For: Direct engine mounting or mounted to AM pump drive and compact applications HP610S The HP610S eliminates...

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Air Clutches Twin Disc PO Air Clutches, available in sizes up to 1067 mm (42 in), are designed to give the user maximum dependability and lowest possible installation and operating costs. They are used extensively by leading manufacturers of drilling rigs, draw works, rock crushers, tractor winches, pipe-extruding machines, machine tools, pug mills and other industrial equipment. Twin Disc PO Air Clutches are available in triple-plate, double-plate and single-plate construction. Features • 8” through 42” clutches • Single, Double, & Triple Organic Drive Plate • Capacity from 526 to 280,692...

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*Ratings based upon 1:1 ratio. Pump Mount • SAE A, B, C & D • 2 & 4 Bolt Designs • DIN Standard Available Pump Spline • SAE A, B, BB, C, CC & D • DIN Standard Available • Keyed Bores Available • Metric and US Standard Single Pad (Direct Engine Mount) Flywheel Housing • SAE #6 to SAE #1 Flywheel Connection • SAE 6.5” to SAE 11.5” • Non SAE Mounts Available Capacity • SAE 6.5” to SAE 10” = 221 lb. ft. (300 N-m) • SAE 11-1/2” = 479 lb. ft. (650 N-m) AM100 Maximum input power 783 kW (1.050 HP) for 1:1 ratio @2100 RPM Features • Compact design - 1:1 ratio • Up to 4 pump pads available • SAE #0 &...

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91 (3.6) TRA NSM I SSI O N products Twin Disc offers a comprehensive array of sophisticated automatic transmission systems for heavy-duty applications requiring precise propulsion control, power-splitting options or a combination of the two. With their extraordinary ease of operation, these transmission systems, available in sizes up to 2300 kW (3000 hp), expedite and simplify getting vehicles on-mission, even in the most demanding situations. All-wheel-drive on/off-highway vehicles such as Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles benefit from fast, smooth acceleration and...

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20° Universal Control Drives Used primarily to drive centrifugal pumps and fans, Twin Disc Universal Control Drives (UCDs) are regarded by the industry as an effective method of accurately and efficiently controlling various processes. Twin Disc UCDs provide precise control of flow, pressure, speed, torque or power. Twin Disc UCDs are available for power up to 3000 kW (4000 hp), at speeds up to 3000 RPM. Electronic Shift Control The TDEC-500 is the latest state-of-the-art full authority microprocessor-based electronic control system for Twin Disc automatic transmission systems used in heavy...

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