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Land-Based Auto Transmissions - 5 Pages

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Land-Based Auto Transmissions

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Twin Disc, Incorporated 1328 Racine Street Racine, Wisconsin 53403, USA 414-638-4000/414-638-4482 (fax) Singapore Australia Spain Italy Twin Disc International S.A. 1400 Nivelles, Belgium Bulletin 830A 6/00-5M ©2000, Twin Disc, Incorporated Printed in United States of America

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The Twin Disc Transmission System on this highly mobile IRI International oil well servicing rig controls power to the drive axles and well servicing equipment. OF OUR BUSINESS FOR NEARLY A CENTURY. BUILT A WORLDWIDE REPUTATION ON OUR ABILITY TO DESIGN, DEVELOP AND MANUFACTURE EFFICIENT, RELIABLE POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS FOR DIVERSE APPLICATIONS. We understand the varying demands of on/off-road vehicles. Speed. Agility. Brute strength. Rugged durability. Heavy payload. High productivity. We engineer and build transmission systems that combine any or all these criteria. Off-road roots....

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An independently mounted Twin Disc integrated vehicle automatic transmission system with patented managed biasing differential eliminates the need for separate transfer case. This remarkable configuration allows flexibility in the weight distribution of the vehicle while smoothly applying power to the wheels. More control with less effort. A Twin Disc automatic transmission system lets the vehicle do more of the work so the driver works better. In some cases, “getting there” is the whole objective. Whatever the terrain, whatever the payload, the Twin Disc transmission system offers the...

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This 115-ton (gvw) Liebherr MPC (Multi-Purpose Carrier) 12x12 is equipped with an MTU 905-horsepower engine and a Twin Disc TD101-3600 10 Speed Automatic Transmission with FLW-1854-1 Torque Converter and an ETA28N Electronic Control. Matched components. Unmatched performance. Rather than simply supplying individual components, Twin Disc designs a carefully matched mobility system. Each element of the system coordinates with the others, providing superior performance and reliability. The system starts with an engine-mounted modulated clutch torque converter. It delivers precisely-controlled...

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Twin Disc, Incorporated 1328 Racine Street Racine, Wisconsin 53403, USA 414-638-4000/414-638-4482 (fax) Singapore Australia Spain Italy Twin Disc International S.A. 1400 Nivelles, Belgium Bulletin 830A 6/00-5M ©2000, Twin Disc, Incorporated Printed in United States of America

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