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HPTO brochure

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TWIN DISC PUTS HEAVY-DUTY With the addition of three new heavy-duty hydraulic PTOs, Twin Disc covers your higher power requirements from 500 hp (373 kW) to 800 hp (597 kW) to 1200 hp (896 kW). Added to the existing Twin Disc PFI-60 (275 hp/205 kW) and PFI-120 (560 hp/420 kW), and you now have broad coverage and Twin Disc renowned quality in rugged-duty, high-horsepower Hydraulic PTOs. The compact but powerful PFI-60 and PFI-120 can mount to an engine, remote mount with shaft input, mount to the input or output of our pump drives, and have a shaft or pump mounting pad as options.

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PRODUCTIVITY IN YOUR RANGE WHY TWIN DISC HYDRAULIC PTOS? Hydraulic PTOs are used in heavy-duty applications where you benefit from the torque modulation and cushioning of hydraulic clutches to reduce driveline startup, acceleration, deceleration and shutdown loads. Twin Disc Hydraulic PTOs contain an oil-filled, multiple-disc, hydraulically actuated, self-adjusting clutch. Typical heavy-duty applications for hydraulic PTOs include crushers, grinders, mulchers, dredgers, pumping, compressors and many more. In addition to superior driveline equipment protection and performance, Twin Disc...

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TWIN DISC REPUTATION Twin Disc has a century of inventing, designing and producing an unparalleled and superbly successful array of power transmission products. This new series of HPTOs extends that history of manufacturing excellence. You can stack your reputation on ours. PRECISION MANUFACTURE From its inception, Twin Disc has always invested in the finest materials, the best machines and top-notch machinists. That’s why our products work better and longer and are easier to maintain. Performance We build every part of our HPTOs with the materials, fit and finish to give you the most...

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MACHINES MOUNTING OPTIONS For pumps or other auxiliary equipment, no one offers more convenient mounting options to multiply your productivity. PRECISE CONTROL Twin Disc electronic controls, in conjunction with the HPTO’s inherent driveline protections and safeguards, provide continuous operating metrics so the operator can fine tune your machine’s performance and respond instantly to production anomalies. OPERATOR-CONSIDERATE Remote control options let your operator remain comfortably in the cab and out of the elements, or, if outside the cab, a prudent distance away from the harsh work...

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BIG FEATURES. HUGE BENEFITS. HIGH-CAPACITY PUMP TOWER • Overdrive ratios pump towers HP1200 – 1:1 & 0.86:1 HP800/HP500 – 1:1, 0.87:1 & 0.77:1 Allows for use of smaller displacement hydraulic pumps • Pump splines can be easily changed on the fly via adapters • Towers rotatable by 0º/45º/90º cw/ccw • Integrated charge/lube pump – Driven off an idler gear allowing for up to (4) pads to drive auxiliary equipment, such as hydraulic pumps & drivelines • Available options: dual (4-pad), single (2-pad), and less tower INTEGRATED RESERVOIR (HP1200 & HP800) • Saves customer from having to remote...

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AIR/OIL HEAT EXCHANGER • Brazed aluminum bar & plate construction • 12/24VDC cooling fan or hydraulic motor fan drive • Max operating pressure: 350PSI (24BAR) • Max operating temperature: 250°F (121°C) • #16 SAE ORB or 1" NPT/BSPP connections • Integrated filter WATER/OIL HEAT EXCHANGER • Shell & tube construction • Brass shell/copper cooling tubes • Max operating shell pressure: 250PSI (17BAR) • Max operating tube pressure: 150PSI (10BAR) • Max operating temperature: 350°F (177°C) • #16 SAE ORB or 1" NPT/BSPP oil connections • 3/4" NPT or 3/4" BSPP water connections • Integrated filter...

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PICK YOUR TWIN DISC HPTO SOLUTION • SAE #1, SAE #2 & SAE #3 input housings to SAE J617 • SAE 355 (14”), SAE 290 (11.5”) & SAE 255 (10”) to SAE J620 • Side-load “P” and In-line “I” applications MAXIMUM SPEED MAXIMUM POWER RATING PUMP TOWER CAPACITY *Varies with configuration HP500P SIDE LOAD CAPACITY VALUES RPM 1200 1800 2100 6

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800 hp (597 kW) • SAE #0 & SAE #1 input housings to SAE J617 • SAE 460 (18") & SAE 355 (14") to SAE J620 • Side-load "P" and In-line "I" applications MAXIMUM POWER RATING PUMP TOWER CAPACITY HP800I HP800P SIDE LOAD CAPACITY VALUES RPM

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PICK YOUR TWIN DISC HPTO SOLUTION 1200 hp (896 kW) • SAE #0 & SAE #1 input housings to SAE J617 • SAE 460 (18") & SAE 355 (14") to SAE J620 • Side-load "P" and In-line "I" applications MAXIMUM POWER RATING

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• Integral bi-directional gerotor oil pump • Integral pressure relief valve • SAE pump mount or keyed shaft output DESIGNED FOR • Direct engine mounting or mounted • Compact applications housing configurations • 1000kg side-load capability • SAE “A” through SAE “C” housing configurations • 1000kg side load capability • SAE “A” through SAE “C” pads/splines

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