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FROM MODEST ROOTS TO GLOBAL RECOGNITION It started with a unique twin disc clutch design to make a farm tractor more reliable, more productive and easier to operate. It worked like a charm and helped revolutionize the agricultural equipment industry. One innovation led to another, and today Twin Disc has built a worldwide reputation on our ability to engineer and build power transmission and propulsion systems for a vast array of applications. With our unique engineering skills and manufacturing expertise, we deliver systems that offer incomparable effectiveness and efficiency under the...

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NO COMPARISON. Our marine propulsion products — transmissions, including the revolutionary QuickShift®, Arneson Surface Drives®, waterjets, Rolla™ Propellers, electronic controls and the Express Joystick System® — continue to set the industry standards for high performance applications. We are far and away the world’s leading supplier of PTOs and clutches for heavy-duty applications such as wood chippers, tub grinders, rock crushers, irrigation pumps and marine installations. The oil and gas industry relies on Twin Disc clutches and transmissions — some are the largest and most powerful in...

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♦ Using computerized systems modeling and finite element analysis, we can design a system for optimum efficiency. Then we prove the design in our test facility. We can run highspeed endurance tests around the clock, speeding product development and cutting response time considerably. ♦ We even design and assemble all electronic components for Twin Disc products. We control every stage of electronic system development, from concept to installation. ♦ Our flexible, cell-based manufacturing facilities can adapt quickly to produce new products as they are developed. Our manufacturing centers in...

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ALWAYS FINDING NEW SOLUTIONS. Our unique systems approach has proven itself over and over in so many different types of vehicles, marine craft and industrial products. Our individual products and systems are specialized enough to excel in the most unique applications. And flexible enough to be adapted to new, experimental situations.

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OUT OF SIGHT, BUT KEEP US IN MIND. While it’s true that Twin Disc products are virtually invisible to the end user, you don’t want to go to work without us. Let Twin Disc analyze your particular needs. Whether it’s a system to revolutionize performance in an existing application or a solution to the challenges of an entirely new piece of equipment, we can design, engineer, manufacture and distribute a power transmission or propulsion system that puts you to work. Anywhere on earth. AUSTRALIA AUSTRIA BAHAMAS BANGLADESH BASHKORTOSTAN BEIJING BELARUS BELGIUM BELIZE BOLIVIA BOTSWANA BRAZIL

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GO WITH WHO YOU KNOW With our vast network of distributor and dealer locations around the world, Twin Disc offers you unprecedented sales and service support. We can put engineering and service expertise on location virtually anywhere. We'll work with you on your particular application and product to insure optimum results. We’re more than just a name you know, Twin Disc is a name you can trust. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Twin Disc. Incorporated reminds users of these products that their safe operation depends on use in compliance with engineering information provided in this catalog. Users are also...

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