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Arneson Surface Drives - 2

It took the vision and determination of acknowledged mechanical innovator and offshore racing enthusiast Howard Arneson to perfect the performance and reliability of surface-piercing propulsion. A WINNING HERITAGE Arneson personally piloted his unlimited boat to pleasure craft, commercial vessels as well as military numerous wins as well as the 1987 Offshore World applications. Today, Arneson Surface Drives are renown Championship. Along the way his surface-piercing as the fastest, most efficient, fuel-friendly propulsion propulsion system quickly became the dominating force in offshore...

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Arneson Surface Drives - 3

SUPERIOR PHYSICS With conventional systems, a fully submerged propeller at high revolution disrupts or churns the water across the blades, thereby losing bite and sacrificing propulsion. The propeller of an Arneson Surface Drive expells the air/vacuum at the surface portion of the revolution, thereby leaving clean water for the propellers to bite into at the submerged portion of the revolution and enhancing propulsion. TRIMMABLE PROPELLER SHAFT With the ability to adjust propeller submergence while underway, you can align the engine power curve to the hull’s planing power curve. Converting...

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Arneson Surface Drives - 4

VECTOR THRUST STEERING Conventional propulsion systems deflect prop thrust off an external rudder, creating indirect, slower and less precise turning dynamics. An Arneson Surface Drive horizontally articulates the propeller shaft in the desired direction to provide direct stern thrust to turn the bow of the boat. Since the propeller is located further aft behind the hull, turning thrust and leverage are optimized. At any speed Arneson Surface Drives turn tighter, faster and with greater control than conventional propulsion systems. SIMPLE BY DESIGN For all their sophisticated performance,...

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Arneson Surface Drives - 5

EASY ACCESSIBILITY ROLLA PROPELLERS Propellers are more easily accessible because The Rolla name has been synonymous with the they’re not buried deep under the hull; yet they highest efficiency, highest quality propellers in the are still protected by the craft’s swim step or world since 1963. Rolla surface-piercing propellers cockpit overhang. This allows for convenient provide the optimum solution to any performance propeller installation, removal and inspections and application requirement. In combination with from a variety of locations, including the swim an Arneson Surface Drive...

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Arneson Surface Drives - 6

ARNESON FITS ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES Arneson Surface Drives provide marine designers, boat builders and boat owners a new freedom of design innovation and flexibility. Compared to installations of competitive propulsion systems, Arneson systems allow greater flexibility of engine placement. This allows maximum utilization of space throughout the vessel and is well suited for modern aft engine-room yachts. WORRY-FREE CONVERSION Arneson Surface Drives can bring superior power, INSTALLATION FLEXIBILITY better overall performance and improved operating Arneson units are easily bolted to the...

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Arneson Surface Drives - 7

YOUR FUTURE PRECISION PERFORMANCE AUTOMATICALLY NEW TWIN DISC MASTERTRIM™ This Arneson system option automatically adjusts the These positions are then fine-tuned automatically to trim position of the Arneson Surface Drives and the optimize efficiency and performance. This leaves the boat’s trim tabs for maximum efficiency and effective operator free to focus on the safe navigation of the craft. performance for your boat under various and changing At any time, the operator can take full control of the operating conditions. drive and tab positions to manually position them. MasterTrim uses a...

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Arneson Surface Drives - 8

ARneson #SURFACE DRIVES speed is just the beginningFor more information, visit TWIN DiSC, iNCORPORATED RACINE, WiSCONSiN 53403, U.S.A. 262-638-4000/262-638-4481 (fax) WWW.TWiNDiSC.COM UNiTED states of America • austraua • belgium • fRANCE • italy • singapore • Switzerland © 2010, Twin Disc, incorporated Printed in the USA - 10/2010 ARNBRO10

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