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Arneson Military Brochure - 3 Pages

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Arneson Military Brochure

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When the mission requires the critical balance of speed, payload and fuel economy, military operations around the world rely on Arneson Surface Drives to optimize their mission profile. From coastline security and defense to rapid response in emergency situations, Arneson Surface Drives are the fastest, most efficient, fuel-friendly propulsion systems on the planet. © 2007 Forrest Johnson Photography SPEED IS JUST THE BEGINNING LOW MAINTENANCE For all their sophisticated performance, Arneson drives feature a less mechanically complex design than stern drive propulsion systems. In fact,...

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For more information, visit TWIN DISC, INCORPORATED RACINE, WISCONSIN 53403, U.S.A. 262-638-4000/262-638-4481 (FAX) WWW.TWINDISC.COM UNITED STATES OF AMERICA • AUSTRALIA • BELGIUM • FRANCE • ITALY • SINGAPORE • SWITZERLAND ARNMIL (E> 2009, Twin Disc, Incorporated Printed in the USA - 04/2009

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