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Desiccant dehumidifier TTR 800 Standard equipment ■ Robust stainless steel housing ■ Integrated G4 air filters as Z-line filters, separately for process and regeneration air ■ Filter monitoring with warning light ■ Rotor rotation control ■ 24 V DC control voltage ■ Potential-free signal contacts for maintenance / filter change, fault, operation ON / OFF ■ Terminals for hygrostat, 24 V DC ■ Terminals for external switch-on/off, 24 V DC ■ Directly driven high-performance EC fans with manual speed adjustment integrated in the housing (no additional throttle valves required), separately for process and regeneration air ■ Silica gel sorption rotor with internal purging sector for heat recovery and automatically adjusting rotor seal kit ■ Rotor drive system with brushless, variable-speed gear motor, toothed belt, toothed belt pulley and belt tensioner ■ Electric regeneration air heater comprising tubular heating elements, equipped with safety temperature limiters and differential pressure switch, controlled via semi-conductor relay(s) ■ Temperature-controlled rundown period ■ Integrated control cabinet with all the equipment and supplies required for operation complying with the TROTEC standard: emergency stop main switch, selection switch for remote / on-site operation, indicator lights, buttons, switching devices, fuses, wiring and terminals ■ Housing prepared for mirror-inverted assembly; air direction reversal; standard process air flow direction from left to right Additional equipment option ■ Flowmatic S, separate electronic fan speed control for process and regeneration air, controlled to a constant volumetric flow or pressure depending on the process-related target value, control signal 0.. .10 V or 4-20 mA ■ Millenium microprocessor control with four-line plain text display ■ Error messages in plain text ■ Energy management (temperature-dependent regeneration air heater control) ■ Humidity regulation dry air (only in combination with optional moisture measuring device and signal transducer kit 4-20 mA / 0-10 V) ■ Temperature regulation dry air (only with optional temperature probe and downstream air conditioning) ■ Additional electrical heating for dry air ■ Boosted or additional fan for higher compression of dry air ■ Protection and transport frame with wheels, stackable ■ Weather protection equipment ■ Humidity / temperature control (signal transducer kit 4-20 mA / 0-10 V, parameterization) ■ Electronic hygrostat HG125 with two-line LC display ■ Dew point sensor (-100 - +20 °Cdp / signal 4-20 mA) ■ PWlS-free model ■ Mirror-inverted module assembly - for reversed air flow direction ■ Wheels ■ PT 100 temperature probe Trotec GmbH Grebbener StraGe 7 52525 Heinsberg Managing Directors: Detlef von der Lieck Joachim Ludwig, Alexandra Goertz

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Subject to change without notice. All performance data refer to 1013 mbar, a density of 1.2 kg/m3 and a power supply with 3x400 V/50Hz +PE or 230V/50 Hz. For your project design we recommend to consider a safety discount of 10-20 % for the dehumidification performance depending on the application. Trotec GmbH Grebbener StraGe 7 52525 Heinsberg Managing Directors: Detlef von der Lieck Joachim Ludwig, Alexandra Goertz

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