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Universal Safety Link

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TRELLEBORG MARINE AND INFRASTRUCTURE Trelleborg SeaTechnik™ Universal Safety Link (USL) for Small Scale LNG Transfer and LNG Fuelling Allows single operator to monitor both sides of the transfer process Provides main and back-up safety link systems for LNG transfer as recommended by ISO 28460 Employs Trelleborg SeaTechnik™ Ship Shore Link (SSL) fiber optic technology Compatible with large scale Trelleborg SeaTechnik™ LNG SSL systems via adaptor Configurable system link for the transfer of other plant process data Streamlines operator and bunker checklist processes SmartPort by Trelleborg is a technology platform that connects disparate, data-driven assets, giving stakeholders a holistic view of operations to power communication and decision maki

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With clean burning properties and lower operating costs for emission compliance, the marine transportation industry is turning to LNG as a fuel. The safe control and operation of small scale LNG transfers and fuelling (also known as bunkering) pose special challenges requiring innovative technical solutions. LNG’s deep cryogenic risk requires careful handling in large and small quantities. Linked ship-shore Emergency Shut Down (ESD) systems for large scale LNG have underpinned an exemplary safety record for over 35 years. Trelleborg Marine Systems is the acknowledged world leader providing...

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System Applications LNG Fuel Transfer: LNG bunker vessel to LNG fuelled vessel Small scale LNG carrier transfer to a small scale shore LNG terminal (and vice-versa) Small scale shore LNG terminal to LNG fuelling vessel Small scale LNG carrier transfer to a shore-side LNG road tanker (and vice-versa) Small scale shore LNG terminal to LNG fuelled vessel Small scale LNG carrier transfer to LNG fuelling vessel Shore LNG terminal or inshore road tanker filling location to LNG road tanker LNG road tanker to various fixed inshore user sites and industry FIBER OPTIC UMBILICAL UMBI PORTABLE REEL...

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