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Tugger Winch TRELLEBORG’S Tugger Winch The new generation of mooring line heaving systems now offers improved safety and reliability. For safe mooring operations it is imperative that heaving lines are in good condition. The use of poorly maintained or damaged heaving lines can result in breakages, endangering mooring crews or jetty personnel operating within the snap-back zone. As an alternative to the traditional capstan, the heaving line is retrieved and spooled onto the enclosed drum of the “tugger winch”. This enables the jetty owner / operators to control maintenance, providing increased safety and efficiency of mooring operations. The integral tugger winch improves safety and efficiency of mooring line retrieval for onshore & offshore applications. Benefits ❙ Remote control “hands free” line retrieval further increases safety and convenience for operators. ❙ Clutch to disengage drive for free spooling during payout and match the ships winch or line boat. ❙ A built in torque limiting clutch further reduces the risk of fouled lines parting during retrieval and payout. ❙ Spooling device for retrieval; automatically lays the heaving line neatly on the drum. ❙ The tugger winch may be fitted integral to the Trelleborg quick release hook base structure, reducing jetty space requirements and obstruction on the dolphin. Alternatively the winch can be supplied as a free standing unit. ❙ Storage of heaving lines is within the winch drum, keeping dolphin tops and walkways clear of heaving lines, reducing the risk of tripping and entanglement. ❙ Enclosed tugger winch drum offers increased protection from the environment, extending heaving line operating life. ❙ A rotational swivel and rope guide allows retrieval from any direction. ❙ A built in auxiliary capstan head provides traditional capstan winch operation. Certified Management System DAM-CTW-01 Ver 4.0 Trelleborg Marine Systems’ commitment to continuous product improvement means that we reserve the right to upgrade and modify equipment and systems without notice as technological and ope

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1.3 Holding Capacity 1.4 Drum Capacity 1.5 Support Structure 1.6 Key Standard Features 1.7 Weight Typically 1000kg (Torque limited) Pay Out : Free spooling to match ships winch or line boat Pay In : Variable speed from 10 - 45m/min Approx. 1.5 Ton (automatic “failsafe” disk brake on motor) 120m of 14mm Dyneema (HMPE) rope Integral Mounting With Hook Base Structure or free standing Refer to data sheet DAM-QRH-01 Auxiliary capstan winch to haul separate messenger and heaving lines Stainless steel lockable and hinged cover over assembly Spooling device Free spooling payout 500kg with control...

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