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SeaTechnik - TSX5 Shaft Power Meter

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SeaTechnik Shaft Power Meter (TSX5) for Marine Shaft Torque, Speed, Thrust and Power Measurement High accuracy and repeatability Digital system for data processing Full data connectivity via all formats Thrust measurement option All units include display for data and diagnostics Optional thrust measurement Essential instrument for energy optimising

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TSX5 Shaft Power Meter The SeaTechnik TSX5 Torsionmeter employs a full strain gauge bridge - the most accurate method of measuring torque. The strain-gauges detect the minute deformation of the shaft under torque and convert this strain into a small analogue voltage. Non contact electro-magnetics energise the rotor circuitry which converts the small signal into digital data for transmission to the local stator unit. A local multi-page display or control console version is an integral part of the TSX5. The user can read at any time: Specifications: Power Accuracy ± 0.25% FSD Torque Accuracy...

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