Rolling Fenders and Safety - 16 Pages

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Rolling Fenders and Safety

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Rolling Fenders & Safety Products Product Brochure

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The Smarter Approach Transferring know-how for smarter LNG The smarter approach for a more efficient port Take The Smarter Approach with Trelleborg Marine Systems Visit: Converse: @MarineInsights Explore: MarineInsights Materials best practice for a smarter port The demanding nature of commercial ports and terminals means you need partnership that provides much more than technically superior products and technologies. You need to work with a partner that combines best practice expertise gained through worldwide experience with a deep understanding of local requirements and regulations. At...

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Rolling Fenders & Safety Products Trelleborg Marine Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced marine fender systems. We provide bespoke solutions for large and complex projects all over the world. Best practice design and quality materials ensure a long, low maintenance service life, no matter how demanding the working and environmental conditions. All fenders are supplied fully tested and meet PIANC 2002 guidelines. Our pneumatic fenders are also completely ISO17357-1:2014 compliant. Our high performance solutions combine low reaction force and hull pressure with...

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A Smarter Approach at every stage A smarter approach to… Consultation Consultation from the earliest project phase to ensure the optimum fender systems and marine technology solutions are specified, with full technical support from our global offices. Conceptual design in your local office – with full knowledge of local standards and regulations, delivered in your language – for optimized port and vessel solutions. Concepts are taken to our Engineering Center of Excellence in India where our team generates 3D CAD designs, applicationengineering drawings, a bill of materials, finite...

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TESTING Across our entire product range, stringent testing comes as standard at every step in our in-house manufacturing process. We ensure that life-cycle and performance of our entire product range meets your specifications, and more. i-i-1 INSTALLATION Dedicated project management, from solution design right the way through to on site installation support. we design products and solutions that always consider ease of installation and future maintenance requirements. SUPPORT Local support on a truly global scale, with customer support teams all over the world. And this service doesn’t...

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Wheel Fenders Features Highest energy absorption Very low rolling resistance Wheel fenders are widely used on exposed corners to help ships maneuver into berths and narrow channels such as locks and dry-dock entrances. The main axle slides on bearings and the wheel reacts against back rollers to provide high energy and minimal rolling resistance, whilst the stainless steel and composite Trelleborg Orkot® bearings are almost zero maintenance. As well as our broad range of wheel fenders, we specialize in innovative turnkey solutions, designed and engineered precisely to meet the needs of...

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The table indicates typical Wheel Fender casing dimensions. For special applications and unusual corners, the casing shape can be altered for a perfect fit. Please ask Trelleborg Marine Systems for details. FENDER ABC0DEFHJKL a ANCHOR On the 9CP comer of a jetty for warping At the 90° entrance of a lock or dry dock Within the body of a lock or dry dock ENERGY REACTiON DEFLECTiON PRESSURE (kNm) (kN)    (mm)    (bar) Nominal rated deflection may vary at RPD.

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Roller Fenders Features Good energy absorption Roller fenders are usually installed to guide ships in restricted spaces like walls of dry docks. They can also be used on corners and lock entrances where lower energies are needed. Roller fenders use stainless steel and composite Trelleborg Orkot® bearings which give a very low rolling resistance and require virtually zero maintenance. Along with our existing comprehensive range of roller fenders, we also engineer solutions on a project by project basis and can provide turnkey solutions to your precise requirements. Gentle contact face Low...

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o On an angled knuckle comer for alignment Within the body of a lock or dry dock ENERGY REACTiON DEFLECTiON PRESSURE (kNm) (kN)    (mm)    (bar) Nominal rated deflection may vary at RPD.

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Cushion Rollers Features Extremely quiet Resilient wheel and cushion Cushion rollers are used to guide pontoons and floating structures quietly and gently up and down their guide piles. The resilient wheel can be supplemented by a rubber cushion pad to withstand berthing impacts. Stainless steel and plastic bearings require minimal maintenance. Withstands berthing impacts Other floating structures Gentle on protective coatings Low maintenance bearings Applications Pontoon guides

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Rubber roller Roller frame Roller fixings Cushion fixings

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Ladders are very robust but remain flexible to reduce accidental damage and help protect the wharf when small crafts berth. Modular ladders are flexible, corrosion resistant and can withstand most accidental impacts from smaller vessels. The step modules are made from polyurethane and can be linked together, combined with extensions and a variety of handrails to suit many applications. The LFE / LF-250 ladders integrate the functions of a ladder and a fender into a single unit. Available in a range of lengths, the LFE / LF-250 ladder Fender can also be fitted with a rubber encased...

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With PU ladders extensions 240 Examples of optional handrails Safety ladder step Safety ladder extension connection part Safety ladder extension Steel weight The length of both the LFE ladder and PU extension can be customized to suit your specific requirements. LF-250 LADDERSDimensions RUNGS ANCHORS WEiGHT

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