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Remote  Release System

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-RRS-01 Ver 2.0 QRH Remote Release System Remote Release Description This system is used for the remote-controlled release of Trelleborg Marine Systems quick release hooks (QRH) from a central release console, located on the jetty or inside the jetty control office. Either electric or electrohydraulic actuators are used to provide the positive release force needed to release each QRH. Safety is paramount when considering Remote Release systems, Trelleborg Marine Systems have a secondary interlock feature as standard equipment. A remote release console provides the status indication and release operation for each hook and may consist of a conventional release console or a virtual release console. A local release controller fitted to each QRH unit provides the interface between the hook actuator and the release console. The local release controller processes both hook status feedback and release commands to and from the release console. Three modes of operation have been designed into the system: local push-button release at the QRH unit, individual release from the release console, and manual override via a mechanical release lever that operates independently from the remote release system (RRS). Three options of remote release console are available: • Virtual release console consisting of a PC and hook release control station • Outdoor release console in hazardous and non-hazardous area versions • Indoor release console for use in jetty office or operations room Quick Release Hook Unit Stainless Steel Release Cable Local Release Controller Release Console Outdoor Release Console Indoor Release Console Virtual Release Console Trelleborg Marine Systems|Takes the pressure off

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-RRS-01 Ver 2.0 1. Remote release via console or virtual console. 2. Local push-button controller on the QRH unit. 3. Manual override, which enables the hook to be released independent of the remote system. Power Consumption For multiple hook: 350 W per QRH unit regardless of number of hooks For console: total power consumption for the conventional or virtual console is 1 KW for up to 30 hooks. Interconnecting Cables (supplied by contractor) Four twisted pair, 1.5 sq. mm with overall screen, multi stranded, PVC/SWA/PVC Standard system is connected in a...

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-RRS-01 Ver 2.0 Local Release Controller 3 SPECIFICATIONS Location on QRH Unit (hazardous area type shown) 1. Operates release actuators 2. Monitors hook release status (RELEASED, LOCKED or FAILED TO RELEASE) 3. Provides a local release capability (if fitted) Enclosure Material (hazardous area) Explosion-proof epoxy-coated cast aluminium with bolted lid, IP66 rated Enclosure Material Grade 316 stainless steel with IP66 rating (non-hazardous area) Power Requirements Micro-processor-based control card Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Hazardous...

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-RRS-01 Ver 2.0 Virtual Release Console 1 SPEFICIATIONS 1.1 Enables all the operations of the remote release system to be performed using PC-based software and a hook release control. Alternative to installing consoles. Screen Type Standard PC or panel-mounted touch screen. Graphical User Interface Specific to customer’s requirements (see typical layout below). Hook release status Failure indication (electro-hydraulic system only) Hook load value (if fitted with SmartHook® load monitoring) Communications error Self-test error Control Station Dimensions...

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-RRS-01 Ver 2.0 Remote Release Consoles SPECIFICATIONS REMOTE CONSOLE OUTDOOR REMOTE CONSOLE INDOOR Indoor non-hazardous Gr. 316 Stainless Steel Explosion-proof enclosures on hazardous area version are marinegrade aluminium Console Height Front (H) Console Height Rear (H2) Console Depth Base (D2) Mimic Panel Width (B) Mimic Panel Depth (C) Clearance Required Above (E) Clearance Required Behind (F) *Mimic panel width depends upon specific application. All dimensions are in millimetres.

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Product Data Sheet/ Reference no. DAM-RRS-01 Ver 2.0 Outdoor (hazardous version shown) Indoor (non-hazardous only) Mimic Panel Typical Layout* *Actua/ mimic panel format will vary with the requirements of the project Trelleborg Marine Systems' commitment to continuous product improvement means that we reserve the right to upgrade and modify equipment and systems without notice as technological and operational parameters demand. For Further information, please contact: Trelleborg Marine Systems Melbourne Pty Ltd Virginia Park, 9 South Drive, 236-262 East Boundary Road East Bentleigh,...

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