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LNG Infographic

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TRELLEBORG “Across international markets, LNG is traded as a commodity. In international shipping, it is used as a fuel. Each require the safe, efficient and cost effective transfer of LNG.” Introduction TRELLEBORG AT EVERY INTERFACE In the LNG arena, diversity is the norm. From traditional terminals to bunker barges and everything in between, interfaces can vary substantially. Find fast ROI and meet demanding safety standards. Optimize the business model of your transfer operation with Trelleborg. Trelleborg has unique oversight of the entire LNG supply chain, and interfaces throughout,...

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Import .    ,_ Terminal Want to know more? Just click on the headings. Smarter terminal management SAFEPILOT SafePilot is the new generation of navigation and piloting software. Developed in conjunction with working marine pilots from across the world. Touch screen technology. Modules to meet different operational needs. The only fully integrated piloting system available. QUICK RELEASE HOOKS (QRHs) QRHs are the foundation of modern mooring systems. Trelleborg’s SmartMoor QRH is designed to be released by an operator when a mooring line is attached, even under full load. Remote release...

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Want to know more? Just click on the headings. Smarter fuel economy SHIP PERFORMANCE MONITORING (SPM) S5\ Fuel is the largest operational cost of running a vessel. Accommodating all ship system configurations and easy upgrades, modular systems monitor the power of the propeller shaft, fuel flow, water depth, emissions and GPS position.

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Want to know more? Just click on the headings Smarter small-scale innovationTRANSFER HOSES S5\ Trelleborg's latest innovation for the LNG industry, Cryoline hose technology is perhaps one of the most significant and game-changing for mini and small-scale LNG projects. Cryoline handling solutions allow for quick installation at a greatly reduced capital expenditure. The USL has been specifically designed for small-scale LNG applications. Fiber optic technology allows a single operator to monitor process data from both sides of the transfer process.

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Want to know more? Just click on the headings SHIP-SHORE LINK (SSL) Trelleborg's SSL has been an industry leading product for large scale LNG transfer for almost 20 years. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN SYSTEMS (ESDS) The transfer of hazardous liquids necessitates the use of ESDS. Trelleborg's ESDS enables rapid and controlled shutdown in emergency situations, across shore-side and ship-side sub-systems.

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FSRUs FSRUs Want to know more? Just click on the headings. As FSRU applications develop, systems integration becomes more complex due to the combination of conventional jetty mooring and docking and offshore ship-to-ship systems. Trelleborg makes integration simple and cost effective. QUICK RELEASE HOOKS (QRHs) ^ Increasingly adopted in FSRU applications, QRHs are an essential part of the docking and mooring system during LNG transfer. A compact footprint for the mooring equipment on the FSRU is necessary, to save deck space and simplify under-deck reinforcement requirements. SHIP-SHORE...

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Our . commitment Trelleborg has unique product portfolio, with touchpoints across the entire LNG supply chain, and interfaces throughout. We remain committed to supporting our customers in the LNG sector by optimizing interface management and empowering consistent communications and standardized practices. Contact Sb Visit our website to find out more WWW.TRELLEBORG.COM/EN/MARINE-SYSTEMS or contact us MARINESYSTEMS@TRELLEBORG.COM

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