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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-LMS-02 Ver 2.0 SmartHook® Load Monitoring Software Monitoring Software Description Load monitoring software is provided as an integral part of Trelleborg Marine Systems’ Smarthook® system. The software enables the operator to set the high load and low load limits on each hook and provides a graphical read-out of tensions for each load cell. It also includes a database, which logs and stores load data to enable analysis of mooring patterns. Vessel details can also be stored for quick retrieval. Integrated or Standalone SmartHook® load monitoring software contributes to industry best practice for safe mooring. The screen is divided into two main parts: a graphical representation of the berth layout and a histogram that shows the condition of the mooring line loads compared with the limits set by the operator. Not only are the actual loads displayed, but also the bar colours change relevant to the upper and lower limits, so the operator can immediately see when a line load moves outside the limits without having to read the actual value. Operators can also print structured reports from the database, which enables them to analyse the integrity of the mooring patterns. Trelleborg Marine Systems|Takes the pressure off

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-LMS-02 Ver 2.0 1 SMARTHOOK® SOFTWARE SPECIFICATIONS 1.1 Data Update Real-time, updated every second (nominal) Histogram Colours Red=alarm, yellow=near alarm, green=normal Histogram Grouping Mimics layout of mooring dolphins Load Trend Chart Alarm Levels User-defined for upper and lower critical limits Load bar changes colour Visual Alarms Load bar flashes Mooring line representation changes colour Audible Alarm Computer beeping sound Time-stamped log files for active load cells only. Highest load in each 10-second block logged, reducing to 5 seconds in...

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