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Hawser Hooks

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. OIM-CSH-01 Ver 3.0 Hawser Hooks for Tandem or Single Point Mooring Hawser Hooks Description This document describes mooring system options that may be installed on board an F(P)SO for Tandem Mooring or for bow mooring to a Single Point Mooring facility. Trelleborg Hawser Hooks and control systems have been installed in over 100 F(P)SO facilities for Tandem Mooring ofoading applications and may include the hawser and hawser winch. Quick Release Hawser Hooks are generally used as the anchorage points for the mooring hawser’s chafe chains and other options can include emergency quick release, load monitoring and a remote central control system. Additions to the Tandem Mooring may also include a Hawser Storage Winch referred to in Sections 7. FEATURES • Positive locking, resetting and release operations, with security against inadvertent or accidental release. • Load Monitoring & High Load Warning System designed for ship board operation. • Emergency Release, local or remote release from the Cargo Control Room (CCR) panel.

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Product Data Sheet/ Reference no. OIM-CSH-01 Ver 3.0 Mooring Requirements: Tandem Mooring & SPM (Ref Note 1)

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. OIM-CSH-01 Ver 3.0 Compliance with Class & other Guidelines Tandem Mooring or Bow Mooring to Single Point (SPM). OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG 3) 2000 Appendix E. OCIMF Recommendations for Equipment Employed In The Bow Mooring of Conventional Tankers at Single Point Moorings 2007. DNV, ABS, BV, Lloyds or RINA as applicable 2 HAZARDOUS AREA COMPLIANCE 2.1 Area classication The equipment will be supplied with certicicates for Hazardous Area Zone 1 or Zone 2 compliance where applicable or as specied. 3 QUICK RELEASE HAWSER HOOKS Refer to Table 1....

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. OIM-CSH-01 Ver 3.0 5 LOAD MONITORING SYSTEM Trelleborg manufactured load cell installed in each hook Stainless steel construction 5.1 Load Cells Calibrated integrally with hooks 0 to SWL Accuracy +/-2% BSL Dual gauged load cells. Local Display Unit A panel mounted display unit with LCD readout of load magnitude and load warnings supplied as standard. Generally located within the CCR or Bridge to monitor, display and record load and alarm history for each hook Unless otherwise specied CCR is assumed a non hazardous area and assumed to be an air conditioned...

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. OIM-CSH-01 Ver 3.0 7 HAWSER DEPLOYMENT AND STORAGE WINCHES Hawser hooks can be integrated with Trelleborg Horizontal or Vertical drum hawser winches. 7.1 Tandem Winch integration Winch options may be designed as: • Single section drum for hawser only storage Refer to Data Sheet OIM-WNR-02, OIM-WNR-04 & OIM-WNR-06 8 SURFACE TREATMENT Class 2.5 Blast to AS 1627.4 75 Microns Epoxy Primer 8.1 125 Microns High Build Epoxy containing MIO 75 Microns Polyurethane top coat. Finished Colour Yellow (RAL 1004) unless specied otherwise. 9 POWER AND CABLE REQUIREMENTS...

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. OIM-CSH-01 Ver 3.0 11 QUALITY 11.1 Accreditation 11.2 Material Traceability 11.3 Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) Trelleborg Marine Systems Melbourne ISO 9001 2008 accredited with Lloyds Register. Class Survey and material certicates provided for all structural materials Provided with Vendor Post Award documentation package submitted for client approval. Post Award Vendor Technical Package Submitted for Client review and comment. Manufacturing Data Record (MDR) Manufacturing Data Record (MDR) provided at completion for fabrication, mechanical, materials,...

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