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Floating Fenders

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Floating Fenders Product Brochure

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The Smarter Approach Transferring know-how for smarter LNG The smarter approach for a more efficient port Take The Smarter Approach with Trelleborg Marine Systems Visit: Converse: @MarineInsights Explore: MarineInsights Materials best practice for a smarter port The demanding nature of commercial ports and terminals means you need partnership that provides much more than technically superior products and technologies. You need to work with a partner that combines best practice expertise gained through worldwide experience with a deep understanding of local requirements and regulations. At...

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Floating Fenders Trelleborg Marine Systems application Whatever bollard type your is a world leader in the design and manufacture of seven requires, Trelleborg has a rangeof advanced marine fender systems. high-performance styles to suit you. We provide bespoke solutions for large and and Trelleborg bollards are precision engineered complex projects all over a variety Best practice design manufactured inthe world.of metals including and quality materials ensure a iron low maintenance premium grade SG ductile long,and cast steel to service life, no matter how demanding the working offer...

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A Smarter Approach at every stage A smarter approach to… Consultation Consultation from the earliest project phase to ensure the optimum fender systems and marine technology solutions are specified, with full technical support from our global offices. Conceptual design in your local office – with full knowledge of local standards and regulations, delivered in your language – for optimized port and vessel solutions. Concepts are taken to our Engineering Center of Excellence in India where our team generates 3D CAD designs, applicationengineering drawings, a bill of materials, finite...

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TESTING Across our entire product range, stringent testing comes as standard at every step in our in-house manufacturing process. We ensure that life-cycle and performance of our entire product range meets your specifications, and more. i-i-1 INSTALLATION Dedicated project management, from solution design right the way through to on site installation support. we design products and solutions that always consider ease of installation and future maintenance requirements. SUPPORT Local support on a truly global scale, with customer support teams all over the world. And this service doesn’t...

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Foam Fenders Trelleborg foam fenders absorb impact while resisting wear and tear in an aggressive environment. SeaGuard®, SeaCushion® and Donut fenders share a construction technology centered on a closed-cell polyethylene foam core and an outer skin of reinforced polyurethane elastomer. The closed-cell foam structure retains performance even if a fender’s skin is punctured. The closed cell internal structure prevents water ingress into the foam. Even after many years of active service, foam fenders can often be returned to the factory, reskinned and fully refurbished to an almost new...

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Features Fully compliant with US Navy specifications Cruise ships Wide range of standard and custom sizes Container vessels Low reaction and high energy options Bulk cargo Operate floating or suspended Non-marking even against white hulls General cargo Unsinkable design Navy berths Ship-to-ship transfers Ultra-tough, unsinkable design Wide range of standard and custom sizes Ship-to-ship operations Low reaction and high energy options Offshore boat landings Maintains safe stand-off distances Military applications Low maintenance Well proven design Freely rotates around a pile Rises and falls...

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Foam Fenders – SeaGuard® L t Closed cell foam core Polyurethane skin Filament reinforcement Internal chains Serial number Mooring applications Mounting area Supporting structures must be large enough to cope with tides and the fender footprint when compressed.

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1. Japan 2. Japan 3. China 4. USA 5. Puerto Rico Note: Standard manufacturing and performance tolerance: Energy: 100%, Reaction: 100%, Tolerance: ± 10%

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Energy and reaction provided in the tables are based on Trelleborg’s new testing protocol for foam fenders. For increased energy use high, extra high or super high capacity foam grades. foam GRADES *Reaction pressure varies depending on fender size. Contact Trelleborg for details.

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13 x 26    4.0 x 7.9    1944    591    2636    2629    Please consult Trelleborg Marine Systems

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3.3 x 6.5    10.8 x 21.3    4600    5187    3393    1166    Please consult Trelleborg Marine Systems

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10 x 22    3.0 x 6.7    3064    1140    4154    5071    Please    consult Trelleborg Marine Systems 10 x 24    3.0 x 7.3    3401    1265    4612    5629    Please    consult Trelleborg Marine Systems 11 x 20    3.4 x 6.1    3222    1090    4368    4846    Please    consult Trelleborg Marine Systems 11 x 22    3.4 x 6.7    3629    1227    4920    5458    Please    consult Trelleborg Marine Systems 12 x 24    3.7 x 7.3    Please consult Trelleborg Marine Systems 13 x 26    4.0 x 7.9    Please consult Trelleborg Marine Systems

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