Datasheet - Quick Release Hook Compact Series - 6 Pages

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Datasheet - Quick Release Hook Compact Series

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Trelleborg Marine Systems | Performance People Quick Release Hook Compact Series Description The Quick Release Hook units are available with single or multiple hooks in capacities up to 50T. Each hook cantilevers from the mounting base and the design ensures the hook cannot impact the deck under any loading configuration. The Quick Release Hook is designed to be released by an operator when a mooring line is attached, even under full load. The capability to include remote release enables controlled releases of mooring lines from a central location, efficiently and safely. This keeps mooring crews clear of lines during departure and provides a method of quickly releasing the vessel in the case of an emergency, or where access to moorings is restricted. When fitted with Trelleborg’s load monitoring system, mooring line tension can be monitored to provide real time information and alarm conditions fundamental to safe mooring. In addition to increased safety and asset protection, the ability to provide feedback to the ships mooring crew, allows mooring lines to be tensioned with the ships winches to provide a balanced mooring pattern which ensures the vessels stability at berth. This maximizes the ability to efficiently load / unload the vessel. Note: remote release and load monitoring details are covered in separate datasheets.

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Key Features & Benefits Trelleborg QRH’s are field proven since 1972 and installed in over 500 mooring facilities worldwide. The Small Scale QRH combines the knowledge of Trelleborg’s experienced engineering team with the benefits of FEA analysis software, to develop an optimized solution for small scale mooring applications. A hook side plate design which: Accommodates load monitoring at zero degree line angles, without having to hang the hook downward. Reduces the overturning moment on the hook base and subsequently the stresses on the hook base and the hook base foundations. Some of the...

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Typical Dimensions Note 1: Dimensions are in mm Note 2: imensions are typical. Always request a certified D hook/base drawing before starting construction Note 3: ustomized bases to suit bolt patterns or weld C down are available upon request Note 4: ouble Quick Release Hook unit shown above only. D Single, triple and quad units not shown

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1 QRH General specifications – standard models (For variances to standard product refer to Options and Upgrades) QRH Horizontal Range (mounted on base) – All Series Hook 1 QRH Vertical Range (mounted on base) – All Series Quad 0˚ to + 75˚ (extended operational ranges available on request) Base Capacity Hook SWL multiplied by the number of hooks. E.g. double hook of 30 tonnes SWL = 60 tonnes; triple hook = 90 tonnes. Standard Hook Base Construction Spheroidal graphite cast iron 400-12 to AS1831, equivalent to ASTM A536 65-45-12 (standard cast hook base). Note: Fabricated hook bases available...

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1 QRH General specifications – standard models (For variances to standard product refer to Options and Upgrades) Hook Construction Frame (side plates): Carbon Steel to Australian Standard AS 3678 Grade 350, equivalent to ASTM A572 Grade 50. Hook body, main pivot block, primary release block: High strength alloy steel to AS 2074, equivalent to ASTM A148. Main shafts: high tensile alloy steel grade ASTM A29 4140. Spark Prevention The hook assembly is fitted with three elastomeric impact blocks for energy absorption. Material: polypropylene. Max 70 One line per hook is recommended for hooks...

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Trelleborg Marine Systems designs, manufactures and installs bespoke fender systems, docking and mooring equipment, oil and gas transfer technology and vessel efficiency technology for marine environments all over the world. Our polymer engineering expertise also extends to our range of general marine products, including navigation aids and buoys. BLOG: TWITTER: @MarineInsights YOUTUBE: LinkedIn Groups: MarineInsights For further information, please contact our local offices Email:...

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