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Case Study - Foam fender, Florida port

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Tailor made foam solutions Trelleborg Marine Systems was chosen to supply SeaGuard foam fenders and mounting hardware to a port in Florida. Specialist Required To assist in the design and selection of fenders for this design build project, an experienced and reliable manufacturer of advanced bespoke solutions was required. Specialising in the design and manufacture of products and systems for the safe berthing and mooring of ships within ports and harbours, on terminals and in waterways around the world, Trelleborg provided the ideal candidate. Durable Trelleborg delivered 50 of its 5ft x 8ft SeaGuard foam fenders with mounting hardware, which provided a durable, low maintenance fendering solution thanks to its polyurethane elastomer being highly resistant to the effects of ozone and ultra violet light. Experienced The client needed a supplier that had the ability to define the ideal marine fender for the structure, the best materials for the environment and the best design for long service life and low maintenance. The client was also keen to work with a partner with comprehensive knowledge of, and a significant pedigree in, the fender industry, as well as having sector specific experience. Tailored Solutions Trelleborg considered the needs of the project on its own merits to ensure a high performance tailored solution with low maintenance needs, providing future cost and maintenance savings. The SeaGuard foam fenders combine a durable, nonmarking finish with low maintenance, and work well on new or old structures. Full Service Trelleborg worked closely with project managers to ensure a full service, bespoke solution for the terminal and was involved in the design, engineering and supply of the fendering systems. Flexible SeaGuard fenders can be deployed floating or suspended, against a quay wall and suit all tidal conditions. Hull pressures are very low, making SeaGuard fenders favourable on facilities with low hull pressure requirements. Long Life Additionally, SeaGuard foam fenders will never sink or deflate. Even at the end of their first service life they can be returned to the factory for refurbishment. High Performance Trelleborg Marine Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced fender systems. These highperformance solutions combine low reaction force and hull pressure with good angular performance and rugged construction. Visit: Email:

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