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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-CAP-01 Ver 1.0 Electric Capstans Capstans Description The Trelleborg Marine Systems electric capstan motor is housed within a protective structure. The capstan motor is factory run-in and mated with a gearbox, which is oilfilled for life. The capstan motor Direct On Line (DOL) motor starter allows the operator to control motor operation through a footswitch, Emergency Stop Switch (E-Stop) and direction selector switch. Ribbed capstan head and rope guide are fitted as standard. Hazardous and safe area models are available. Trelleborg Free - standing capstans provide a field proven, safe and reliable method of hauling in the mooring line. Trelleborg Marine Systems|Takes the pressure off

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-CAP-01 Ver 1.0 ELECTRIC CAPSTAN Note: Model shown within Quick Release Hook Unit. Free standing capstan utilises support base only. Area Classification Safe Hazardous* Safe Hazardous* Safe Hazardous* Safe Starting Pull Motor Size (tonnes) Hazardous* Line Pull * for Hazardous Area definitions refer to Trelleborg Hazardous Area statement

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-CAP-01 Ver 1.0 1 CAPSTAN GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS - STANDARD MODELS (For variances to standard product refer to Options and Upgrades) Capstan Capacity As stated in Capstan Models table Note1: Starting pull is defined as 2 x running pull “static overhung load capacity” Note1: Customised capstan capacities (speed and pull) available upon request Note3: Refer to the specific general arrangement drawing for overall dimensions, layout, bolt patterns and foundation details. 1.2 Capstan Type Reversible, with brake Line Speed Capstan motor and motor starter:...

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Product Data Sheet / Reference no. DAM-CAP-01 Ver 1.0 2 CAPSTAN MOTOR ELECTRCAL SPECIFICATIONS - ALL MODELS 2.4 IP68 industrial footswitch with foot guard Construction: Marine grade aluminium (Hazardous Area model intrinsically safe) Space Heater Motor Protection Electronic overload (thermal trip and phase failure protection) (automatic reset) Motor Type/ Insulation Four-pole Insulation Class F Tropic-proof windings Motor Electrical Parameters 3Ø (with or without neutral): 380 to 480 VAC(+/-10%) @ 50 Hz or 60 Hz (+/-5%) Note: voltages outside these ranges available upon request Incoming 3 Ø...

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