Barometer Report 4 (for contractors / consultants) - 8 Pages

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Barometer Report 4 (for contractors / consultants)

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A Port Performance Report For this year’s Barometer Report, we surveyed 200 port owners, operators, contractors and consultants on a range of topics pertinent to the industry, with the intention of finding out just how well owners and operators feel their ports are performing, and whether consultants and contractors agree. We wanted to understand your views on a number of industry issues, including how you perceive clients’ attitudes towards issues such as upfront purchase cost Vs lifetime value, as well as understanding both groups’ views on investment, maintenance and support. So, this...

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The issues your clients are facing 74% of port owners and operators think the need to Your clients are already struggling to keep up with the demands on their facilities; with many concerned that current port infrastructure is 74% not adequate to keep pace with the increasing onwards logistics requirements of increased vessel sizes and throughput. facilities is the biggest challenge brought about by increasing vessel sizes In addition to larger vessel sizes, more stringent environmental regulations coupled with the 40% emergence of new technologies, mean there are a lot of factors for ports...

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98% of consultants and contractors expect both capital and operational expenditure budgets to increase over the next twelve months The industry outlook on expenditure 61% of contractors and consultants think that 75% clients are concerned by upfront purchase costs, with only 29% focused on whole life costs. The remaining 10% say clients don’t tend to get involved 75% With almost a quarter feeling clients are risk averse, it’s important you lead them to new solutions, without an element of risk. We’ve already seen that a large proportion aren’t using automated mooring and guidance systems at...

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As the people that port owners and operators turn 67% to for guidance, you need to educate yourself on how to specify quality, in order to intelligently steer them away from cutting costs up front, and make them see the benefits of investing in solutions that guarantee quality over a whole lifecycle. Again, taking fenders as a microcosm for wider port infrastructure, on the issue of rubber compound composition – which is critical to ensuring product performance and value over a whole product lifetime - it seems there is a lack of knowledge amongst your peers. 77% admit they don’t know the...

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75% of your clients think it’s essential or important to have the supplier involved in ongoing maintenance 90% of contractors and consultants would trust an OEM over a trader 72% 56% 80% of port owners and operators would trust an OEM over a trader 72% of contractors and consultants trust in PIANC accreditation Getting the support you 83% need to support 56% your clients Whilst you are crying out for support to aid specifications, and critically, ensure they are met, your clients are also crying out for support long after installation is complete. The onus should be firmly on suppliers to...

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Conclusion With an optimistic economic outlook, the time has finally come where your clients should be more receptive to putting whole life value ahead of upfront purchase costs. It’s up to you to take advantage of this, and start to ensure that they specify quality. Historic underinvestment has undoubtedly affected port infrastructure, but as the market continues to strengthen, there’s an opportunity arising for ports to get ahead of demand and invest strategically now. And there’s also an opportunity arising for the consultants and contractors that can lead them there. With a boost to the...

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Trelleborg Marine Systems designs, manufactures and installs bespoke fender systems, docking and mooring equipment, oil and gas transfer technology and vessel efficiency technology for marine environments all over the world. Our polymer engineering expertise also extends to our range of general marine products, including navigation aids and buoys. Marine Fender Systems | Oil and Gas Transfer Technology | Vessel Technology | Docking & Mooring | Marine Products BLOG: TWITTER: @MarineInsights YOUTUBE:

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