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Barometer Report 3

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Trelleborg Marine Systems

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Preface Many ports are ill equipped and unable to deal with increases in container traffic. Investment in global port infrastructure has generally lagged demand, leading to congestion and delays at a number of major ports. These delays have the knock on effect of increases in demurrage costs, higher fuel costs incurred to make up delays as well as re-adjusted schedules to account for. – Port Strategy, 2012 Marine infrastructure is strained as ports struggle to keep up with new developments such as increasing container traffic, increasing vessel sizes and the rapid growth of emerging...

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Scope This year’s edition of the Barometer Report is based on a phase of market research conducted in the last quarter of 2012, surveying a range of stakeholders across the ports, harbours and marine terminal industry. The sample comprises almost 300 respondents and includes port owners, operators, contractors, consultants, engineers and project managers. The report is broken down in two ways. Firstly, where applicable, there’s a benchmark of this year’s results against the two previous reports from 2010 and 2011, to examine how the market has changed during this period. Secondly, we...

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Investment and Demand Do you expect CAPITAL expenditure in the marine infrastructure sector (ports, harbours, terminals) to grow in the next 12 months? Key Findings ❙ Over 70% confident that there will be CapEx growth in the next 12 months. ❙ Over 70% confident that there will be OpEx growth in the next 12 months. Trelleborg says: As per the trend in 2011, the market remains positive about investment over the next 12 months, indicating the potential for more projects, and stimulation of the entire supply chain. Specifiers should take this opportunity to make investment decisions more wisely...

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In the next five years, which marine infrastructure sector will enjoy the biggest increase in demand? Inland Cruise/ Naval waterways passenger 2% 3% 5% Key Findings ❙ Over a third of those surveyed believe that the LNG sector will enjoy the biggest increase in demand. ❙ Almost 30% think that the Middle East will enjoy the largest export growth of LNG, closely followed by Australia and Russia. ❙ Over a third believes North Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan) will enjoy the largest import growth in LNG. Trelleborg says: With the LNG sector touted as the next big growth area, throughput will...

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Monitoring and Automation Do you view an increase in monitoring and automation at marine facilities as beneficial to your own job role? Key Findings ❙ 0% of those surveyed believe an 5 increase in monitoring and automation at marine facilities to be beneficial to their job role. ❙ However, 60% of respondents only use human or manual guidance at their facilities. Trelleborg says: At first glance, it seems the market is somewhat split on the benefits of technology in monitoring and automation with 50% believing an increase in monitoring and automation would be beneficial to their job role....

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What benefits would you expect to receive from specifying a monitoring system (mooring line loads, environmental data, approach speed management, etc) as part of the mooring equipment? 100% 84% Key Findings ❙ 84% would expect “increased safety” to be the primary benefit in specifying a monitoring system (including solutions such as mooring line loads, environmental data monitoring and approach speed management) as part of the mooring equipment. Trelleborg says: If the overwhelming majority expect an increase in safety by specifying a monitoring system as part of the mooring equipment, it...

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Service and Operation To what extent has your port facility, or those you work on, suffered from unscheduled downtime in the last 12 months? 50%+ unscheduled downtime 21–50% unscheduled downtime 6–10% unscheduled downtime Key Findings ❙ Over 90% of those surveyed suffer from unscheduled downtime in their facility. ports are underestimating the costs of unscheduled downtime because many fail to quantify indirect costs such as lost business and reputational damage. ❙ his is a significant increase compared to T last year’s results, when just under 80% claimed the same. ❙ he majority of...

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What do you think are the main challenges brought about by the general increase in vessel sizes? 100% 85% ing ce ist ies es an nts ex cilit t ng g) ten me en .. ate fa lle in s ain uire pd als/ ha or em ty,. ion s m q gs l c , mo ag ivi o u min d e llis se a tu e an duct d t ter se r co is tic put e of a nc of ar m gis ugh d mpro re gy Ne ort lia ons o e k sts er s ff p Inc d l hro as es ( mp ati ris /ne co en ion e sta ps co gul d/ creeng ed as (t ed iss d e In ll an ed ga as as /em se /r cre m a re as ill a In de cre ion ch re /sk re nc I In pt ed Inc ing Inc as in um re tra ns Inc co Key...

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Compliance and Regulation What steps do you take to ensure that marine fenders supplied to you / your client are supplied as described? 100% 65% 51% 41% 31% 13% ion r t es ) tat lie / et C pu pp re th PIAN re su tu nty on g i / c s ck ( ss in rd he ufa rre nd l) he ion mi est wo of t er an s wa ou eta t/c at om ty t pli re he ue es tific mp r/m e mlier’ t/c par up ilu nt o u th p iss ers ti es rd /c bbe eq cer e s ct fa s d p s R an nd qu i th ce u Tru ten su te rodu Re th ad ed fe ur ls (r ex o h cu e/ t s ria er li se or p ok ac te ev pp pro f Inv ex a /n su e/ ify for m ing with lis ec...

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Which of the following would you trust most to supply good quality, sold as described, marine fenders? Trading company / broker / reseller 11% Key Findings ❙ Nearly 90% would most trust a true manufacturer to supply good quality, sold as described marine fenders, compared to a trading company. Trelleborg says: Whilst this overwhelming majority is encouraging, it’s essential that specifiers do not get complacent. Whilst many may think they’re buying into product from a manufacturer, some traders mislead their customers by misrepresenting their supply chain, facilities or product lines. It’s...

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