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Barometer Report 2

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The Barometer Report 2 Charting stakeholders’ perceptions of the commercial ports, harbours and terminals industry Trelleborg Marine Systems | Takes the pressure off

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Preface During recent years, the marine infrastructure sector has witnessed a troubling trend brought about by port owners’, operators’ and contractors’ willingness to cut corners in the pursuit of lowest cost procurement. This has often been at the expense of taking a whole life cost review of mission critical equipment for ports and terminals. There is no clearer sign of this practice occurring than in the market for fendering products and other docking and mooring equipment. Here, buyers’ and specifiers’ susceptibility to a ‘cheap deal’ is being exploited by an influx of unscrupulous,...

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This year’s edition of the Barometer Report is based upon a phase of market research conducted during 2011 with a range of stakeholders across the ports, harbours and terminals industry. The sample, which comprises almost 400 respondents, includes port owners, operators, contractors, consultants, shipping lines and other influencers in the marine infrastructure supply chain. Question: How will your budget for capital expenditure change for the year ahead? The results have also been segmented into three themes for ease of reference: 1) Procurement and investment 2) Service and operations 3)...

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Question: Would you be more likely to invest in berthing and docking products supplied direct from a manufacturer rather than through a trading company? • Almost half are seeing some upwards price movement (up 26% on 2010) • More than half prefer to use a manufacturer when procuring product • 8 out of 10 ports suffer from unscheduled downtime • in 4 believe that maintenance has decreased 1 (down 2% on 2010) • Just 7% are witnessing downwards pricing (down 51% on 2010) • in 4 are only concerned about price and don’t care 1 about where they buy from Trelleborg says: Trelleborg says: “ his is...

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Question: Do you believe that having a safer port environment directly contributes to reducing costs? Question: Have you experienced better standards of engineering, project management and aftercare when purchasing direct through a manufacturer or via a trading company? Question: How do you feel about the growth of nonmanufacturer trading companies supplying berthing and docking products? • out of 10 believe that enhanced safety is aligned 8 to reduced costs (down 6% on 2010) • Almost half believe that manufacturers provide better aftercare than traders • Barely 1 in 10 believe that traders...

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Question: Is it important to you that berthing and docking materials are tested in the laboratory and also full scale products in the factory? Question: Would you like to see more stringent industry standards in place covering the design, manufacture and testing of berthing and docking products? Question: Would you like to see these standards enforced, legally or otherwise, to ensure that the design guidelines are adhered to? Conclusion There is an argument that the marine infrastructure industry has a reputation it doesn’t deserve – and not in a positive sense either. Despite the...

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