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AutoMoor Datasheet

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AutoMoor Automated Mooring Systems AutoMoor is a rope-free automated mooring system that can deliver efficiency gains in port operation as well as improve mooring capabilities at berth. Vacuum technology is used to rapidly attach to and secure a vessel at berth. It dampens and reduces vessel motions, whilst improving port operational safety. AutoMoor uses SmartPort technology to continuously monitor all mooring loads acting on the vessel at berth, collect and store cloud-based information for analysis, and provide live data to the operator. Field proven since 1972 and installed in over 600 mooring facilities worldwide, Trelleborg’s docking & mooring products are the foundation for today’s modern mooring systems. AutoMoor models are available in Hazardous and non-Hazardous specification. They are designed to suit a variety of marine fender quaylines and engineered with mooring capacities to suit a range of environmental and berthing conditions. SmartPort by Trelleborg is a technology platform that connects disparate, data-driven assets, giving stakeholders a holistic view of operations to power communication and decision making. Trelleborg Marine Systems’ commitment to continuous product improvement means that we reserve the right to upgrade and modify equipment and systems without notice as technological and operational parameters dema

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Front View AutoMoor units operating on a typical berthing dolphin 2

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Dampens vessel motions by reducing peak mooring loads due to surge and sway movements. Port operations can continue safely in a greater range of environmental conditions. Reduces effects of passing ships in narrow waterways and the long period wave motions experienced in some ports and harbors, by damping motions of the affected vessel. Eliminates wharf extensions or mooring dolphin investments for port terminal upgrades previously required to allow for larger vessels. Reduces structural requirements for port facility and overall construction costs. reduces turnaround time for vessels to...

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PROTECTIVE COATING 3-Phase, 440-480VAC 60Hz recommended Operating System: PLC based. User Interface: Remote operator workstation. Remote Control: Included. Alarms: Audible & Visual. Data Logging & Reporting: Multiple reporting levels available. ASTM E1444-05 AWS D1.1 or AS1554 Each unit is individually proof load tested using a specially designed test rig. Proof load testing equipment is calibrated by a certified body such as Lloyds Register. Each unit is functional control system tested in factory and series tested for multiple unit orders. AutoMoor units are commissioned once...

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