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AutoMoor Brochure

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AutoMoor A lean revolution in docking and mooring

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The Smarter Approach The smarter approach for a more efficient port Connect with The Smarter Approach By Trelleborg Marine Systems Visit: Converse: @MarineInsights Explore: MarineInsights Discover: MarineInsights Transferring know-how for smarter LNG Materials best practice for a smarter port The demanding nature of commercial ports and terminals means you need partnership that provides much more than technically superior products and technologies. You need to work with a partner that combines best practice expertise gained through worldwide experience with a deep understanding of local...

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Docking and Mooring Systems When installing or upgrading Docking & Mooring Systems, you need to ensure you choose the right partner. Ensure your provider can deliver the solution for you, on time and on budget, wherever you are in the world. Ensure your solution is designed around the needs of you and your customers, with a dedicated team that has the experience to understand them. Ensure your Docking & Mooring Systems feature technically superior products to maximize durability and reliability, whilst minimizing downtime and whole life costs. Ensure your partner can offer you the...

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Consultation from the    Conceptual design in    Concepts are taken to    Our entire product range earliest project phase    your local office - with    our Engineering Center of    is manufactured in-house, to ensure the optimum    full knowledge of local    Excellence in India where    meaning we have full control fender systems and marine    standards and regulations,    our team generates 3D    over the design and quality technology solutions are    delivered in your language    CAD designs, application-    of everything we produce. specified, with full technical    - for optimized port...

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Across our entire product range, stringent testing comes as standard at every step in our in-house manufacturing process. We ensure that lifecycle and performance of our entire product range meets your specifications, and more. Dedicated project management, from solution design right the way through to onsite installation support. We design products and solutions that always consider ease of installation and future maintenance requirements. Local support on a truly global scale, with customer support teams all over the world. And this service doesn’t stop after a product is installed. You...

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A Smarter Approach to docking & mooring The marine industry is in a time of transition and change. We must constantly adapt and innovate to ensure efficient, safe solutions in an increasingly demanding environment. Docking and mooring has a critical role to play in optimizing the efficiency of both the berth and the overall port facility. Process refinement is key. That’s why, at Trelleborg, we have rethought our approach, introducing a new concept we call lean mooring. The lean mooring philosophy aims to transform berthing strategies and deliver superior efficiency in operations. A lean...

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Get the advantage of automated mooring Many ports and terminals are looking towards automated technologies to cope with increased demand and compete effectively in today’s complex, global landscape. The benefits of terminal automation lie in increased reliability, safety and efficiency both in scheduling and throughput. With 45% of all container vessels currently delayed by over eight hours upon arrival, there is an immediate need to raise port efficiency. Not only is mooring time reduced, the window of operation at the berth is increased, meaning more vessel throughput, less time required...

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Trelleborg’s AutoMoor is suitable for use in different sectors of the port industry.

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AutoMoor is Trelleborg’s rope-free, automated mooring system designed to make your berthing operations smarter, safer and more competitive. AutoMoor units eliminate mooring lines and are specifically designed to improve operational efficiency and enhance safety levels. Combining new vacuum pad and passive damping technology to rapidly attach to and secure a vessel at berth, the units are suitable for a range of environmental and berthing conditions. AutoMoor uses SmartPort technology to connect assets and to continuously monitor all mooring loads acting on the vessel at berth, it also...

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The benefits of AutoMoor Improves efficiency Minimizes infrastructure costs ❙ Reduces turnaround time for vessels to berth and ❙ Minimizes infrastructure upgrades while increasing depart, increasing port throughput. Vessels can be securely moored in under a minute, and released upon departure in less than 30 seconds. ❙ Dampens vessel motions by reducing peak mooring loads due to surge and sway movements. Port operations can continue safely in a greater range of environmental conditions. ❙ Decreased reliance on tug boats for berthing and de-berthing reduces waiting and scheduling delays. ❙...

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Reducing Total Cost of Ownership AutoMoor reduces Total Cost of Ownership by: ❙ Improving efficiency ❙ Minimizing infrastructure costs Enhances safety ❙ Snapback is eliminated and port safety improved as mooring ropes are not required. ❙ Operational labor costs are reduced as fewer mooring gang personnel are required during berthing operations. ❙ Human error is minimized by automating mooring procedures and reducing the involvement of mooring gang perso

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Why use AutoMoor? AutoMoor is a high-quality automated mooring solution that uses real-time information monitoring software to continuously track all mooring loads acting on the vessel at berth and provide live data to the operator to improve port operational performance. AutoMoor at a glance Trelleborg’s AutoMoor is a safe, efficient and cost-effective automated mooring solution able to securely moor vessels in under a minute and release for departure in 30 seconds. AutoMoor increases port throughput by reducing turnaround time for vessels to berth and depart, while improving port safety...

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