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REVERMATIC 11-700 power shift with torque converter The REVERMATIC is a Power shift transmission specifically designed for industrial applications requiring quick directional reversing and smooth clutch engagement. It consists of an hydraulically activated gear unit, the forward and reverse multiple disc clutch assemblies are mounted on the lay shaft and input shaft respectivly . They are operated by the hydraulic selector, electrically actuated, with a patented built-in “soft shift” device. The transmission input shaft is connected to engine flywheel through a single stage torque converter...

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Power Shift Transmissions - 3

RANGERMATIC 700 power shift with torque converter The RANGERMATIC is a multi-speed power shift transmission available in one, two or three speeds forward and one or two speeds reverse. Designed for industrial applications it provides quick and smooth reversing and easy gear selection on the go. Consisting of a double gear train, actuated by self-contained hydraulic clutches, it connects to the engine through a wide range of hydrodynamic single stage torque converters. The torque converter is selected to optimize the driven machine performances. Additionally it eliminates the mechanical...

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REVERMATIC 11-700 RBD SPD11S “PTO” for Revermatic & Rangermatic REVERMATIC 11-700 RBD: Suitable for industrial applications and as marine transmission when combined with the thrust bearing kit mounted on the output shaft assembly and suitable marine oil cooler. It can be installed on engines with flywheel and flywheel housing according to SAE J 617, J 620 standard. The use of patented built in soft shift device allows smooth shifting from forward to reverse rotation for comfortable docking and manouvering. The RBD elastic coupling dampens torsional vibration and compensate for radial and...

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Power Shift Transmissions - 5

DROP BOX DP280 (w/o differential) PARKING BRAKE SL750 spring loaded DROP BOX: Can be flange mounted or remote mounted to Revermatic or Rangermatic. Drop box can be rotated 360° to allow the user the optimal positioning of the output flanges available for 2wd or 4wd. The optional SL750 PARKING BRAKE is spring loaded, oil pressure released. It is operated by transmission oil pressure through a dedicated solenoid valve. The SL750 doesn’t require a dedicated oil source or specific control, but it can also be operated from an external source. When equipped with the Rangermatic or Revermatic, the...

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Power Shift Transmissions - 6

INCHING CONTROL - Remote mounting SHIFTER INCHING CONTROL: Designed for quick and easy installation Transfluid’s inching control manifold can be installed next to the brake pedal eliminating cables and levers or the most suitable remote location. The connection with transmission is with simple hydraulic hoses. 45 Transmission filter Transmission selector Inching valve Transmission pump Rangermatic sump SHIFTER: Equipped with switches that interface with the solenoids on the transmission, the Shifter is designed to integrate the transmission controls with the electrically actuated hydraulic...

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Power Shift Transmissions - 7

TSC Transmission Shifting Control DOCUMENTATION TSC: Transmission Shifting Control is a Transfluid’s hardware and software original design, specifically made for easy and smooth automatic gear shifting of the three speed Rangermatic transmission. It can be connected to Transfluid’s or Customer’s shifter. It doesn’t need any throttle pedal or engine speed signal; sensors are already integrated inside transmission casing. Voltage Operating Temp. Harness Interface Predictable performance has been achieved by dedicated development of a comprehensive Power Shift Transmission family. All new...

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HTV700 and HTM700 HYBRID TRANSMISSION HM560 HYBRID MODULE (ask TRANSFLUID for specific details) TRANSFLUID BEIJING TRADE CO. LTD Beijing Ph.: +86.10.60442301-2 tbtcinfo@transfluid.cn TRANSFLUID OOO Moscow Ph. +7.495.7782042 tfrussia@transfluid.eu TRANSFLUID LLC Auburn, GA 30011 Ph.: +1.770-822-1777 tfusa@transfluid.us TRANSFLUID s.a.r.l. 38110 Rochetoirin Ph.: +33.9.75635310 tffrance@transfluid.eu TRANSFLUID NORTH EUROPE B.V. NL-3992 AK, Houten Ph. +31 (0)85 4868530 info@bellmarine.nl LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR Global webs site: www.transfluid.eu E-commerce web site: www.buy-transfluid.com...

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