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Navigationlight system

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Tranberg has produced navigation lights for more than 90 years. The world’s first electrical navigation light was manufactured by Tranberg in 1921. The long experience gives us the best competence to become the best manufacturer of external lights to the marine market. Who else can give you products meant to last for the ship’s whole lifetime?

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No.1 in NORWAY Norway as a shipping nation for hundreds of years has helped Tranberg to develop the world’s most sophisticated marine equipment. Norway is well known for being a forerunner for ship design. Tranberg has supplied external lights to all these designs. Photo: Norwegian Navy Photo: NSSR Photo: Fjord1 Photo: Samferdselsfoto Photo: Promek Photo: BW Gas

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NO.1 SUPPLiER TO OFFSHORE VESSELS Products are developed and tested together with offshore vessel ship owners for world wide operations in both arctic and tropic enviroments. UlSteiN X-Bow deSigN BUild at UlSteiN verft rollS royCe Ut deSigN BUild at StX Norway offShore laNgSteN moSS maritime deSigN BUild at havyard leirvik SkiPStekNiSk deSigN BUild at BergeN groUP Photo: mariN tekNikk deSigN BUild at kleveN verft Photo: rollS royCe Ut deSigN BUild at StX Norway offShore laNgSteN Photo: wartSila deSigN BUild at weStCoN Photo: havyard deSigN BUil at havyard leirvik Photo: UlSteiN P deSigN...

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OUR COMPETENCE - YOUR BENEFiT involvement from our experts at an early stage, makes you save time and money. This is our profession – and always included in our service.

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EXTREME ENViRONMENT – REQUiRES HiGH QUALiTY PRODUCTS Very little differentiate the early seafarers from the high-tech vessels of today. The sea is still ers and frightening; in fact even worse as today’s shipping and activities go further north than the boldest seamen of the past. More than ever, you need to put your faith in your skilled personnel and craftsmanship of your key suppliers. Quality manufacturers of marine products have the know-how to select materials and to combine them to provide you with top-notch products that you can depend on, and betyour life on, because that is what...

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14 - 15 NAVIGATION, SIGNAL LIGHTS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS 1. 2. 3. 1. TEF 2898 Navigation lights for vessels 7 - 20 meters in Aluminium and Glass. 4. 5. 6. 14. TEF 4722 Navigation light control panel for 230V single set lanterns for 230V power supply. 2. TEF 2850 Navigation lights for vessels 20 - 50 meters and over 50 meters in length. In Aluminium and Glass Safe area and Ex nR zone 2. 15. TEF 4732 Navigation light control panel for 230V double set lanterns for 230V power supply. 3. TEF 2840 Navigation lights for vessels 20 - 50 meters in Brass and Glass. 7 10. 8. 11. 9. 12. 4. TEF 2870...

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16 - 17 NAVIGATION, SIGNAL LIGHTS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS NAVIGATION, SIGNAL LIGHTS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS NAVIGATION LIGHTS WITH 20 YEARS WARRANTY Tranberg is a pioneer of low-voltage lanterns and lantern control systems. The benets of safe 24V systems are more durable light sources and reduced chances of current leakages in the lanterns. Our systems include functionality to compensate for possible voltage-drop in cables. Tranberg navigation light systems are designed and delivered t for purpose, reducing installation cost and commissioning. The end result: A lantern performance which surpasses...

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18 - 19 NAVIGATION, SIGNAL LIGHTS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS INSTALLATION NEAR EXHAUST PIPES THE MOST ADVANCED NAVIGATIONLIGHT SYSTEM IN THE WORLD VOLTAGE DROP COMPENSATION Tranberg navigation lights made of brass and with glass lens can be installed near the exhaust pipes and will not melt in high temperatures. A common issue with 24V systems is voltage loss in cables, due to higher currents compared to 115/230V systems. For navigation light circuits it is not unusual with cable voltage loss of 7 - 8 Volts. Tranberg has solved this by enabling higher voltages to circuits where the voltage loss is...

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20 - 21 NAVIGATION, SIGNAL LIGHTS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS TRANBERG COMMANDER SYSTEM Brass lantern with integrated junction box. All cables from the lanterns are connected to the controller system and can be installed on top of the bridge to reduce installation costs. Control panel for recessed mounting. Voltage drop due to long distances in cables, will be compensated by out putting higher voltage on the circuit in question from the transformer. Main supply: 230/115V AC Alternative: 24V AC/DC Spare supply: 230/115V AC Alternative: 24V AC/DC TRANBERG COMPETITOR 24V SYSTEM Brass lantern with...

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22 - 23 NAVIGATION, SIGNAL LIGHTS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS THE INFORMATION SHOWN IS BASED ON THE INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS FOR PREVENTING COLLISIONS AT SEA 1972 (COLREG 72/IMO). All-round light VESSELS 12 - 20 METER UNDER WAY Rule 23 NOT UNDER COMMAND Rule 27 Sector lantern AT ANCHOR Rule 30 360° Allround 225° Masthead 112° Starboard A good dialogue with the customer is important in order to quote the correct navigation light package suited for a specic vessel. At Tranberg, we see it as part of our service to provide our customers with technical assistance. Our customers rely on our expertise;...

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Argentina FERREYRA & ASOCIADOS S.H. Australia Brasil R.STAHL DO BRASIL, LTDA. (EX-PROOF) Rua Luiz Ferreira, 84 21042-210 Rio de Janeiro-RJ Brazil Tel: +55 21 25732344 Fax: +55 21 25615326 E-mail: Canada Chile China R. STAHL LTD. 7003-56 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta T6E 3L2 Canada Toll free: +1 877-416-4302 Ofce : +1 780-490-4912 Fax: +1 780 469 5525 E-mail: INGENIERA DESIMAT LTDA TECWAY INTERNATIONAL (MARINE) CO. LTD. Room AB, 19th Floor, Yu Jia Building 1336 Hua Shan Road 200052 Shanghai P.R. China Tel: +86 21...

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