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Ultra-powerful. Ultra-efficient. Ultra-stealthy. Range up to 53 km Weight as low as 8.8 kg Ultra-quiet direct drive (1103 AC) Easy to mount on fishing kayaks Superb usability with a wealth of smart features Kayaks / Canoes / Very light boats The Ultralight is the easy-to-mount solution for today’s fishing kayaks Professional kayak anglers don’t hit the water without their Ultralight, and neither should you. With the Ultralight 1103 AC, you can beat the crowd and get to that coveted spot more than 30% faster. The whisper-quiet, direct-drive Ultralight 1103 AC comes with the innovative angler mount and all the hightech features you’ve come to expect: GPS built in, real-time range and runtime display, solar charging, superior safety and performance, and the latest lithium battery technology. The 1103 AC is almost three times more powerful than the Ultralight 403 for the ultimate in acceleration and pulling power, and adds instant throttle response for improved manoeuvrability and a heavy-duty construction with more resistance to impact damage. Raising, locking and parking the smart way P No problem with obstacles: The mount allows the motor to kick up toward the stern of the kayak when it encounters an underwater obstacle, thus minimising damage. Reversing with one simple action: Pull the reverse cord and simply hold tension or secure it in the included cleat. Release the cord when moving forward to enable the automatic kick-up feature. Handy park position: Safely stowing the Ultralight 403 for transport is quick and easy. Simply pull up and secure with the included elastic cord. To transport the Ultralight 1103, use the quick-release to remove the motor and st

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Technical data Mounting, control & charging accessories Comparable petrol outboard (shaft power) Comparable petrol outboard (thrust) Maximum overall efficiency in % Integrated battery (Li-Ion) in Wh Final charging voltage in V Motor weight without battery, in kg Weight of integrated battery, in kg Like all products from Torqeedo, Ultralight motors are offered with a full suite of high-tech accessories. Add a spare battery for a quick and simple way to extend range. An optional cable connection with a built-in Bluetooth module transmits all relevant boating and positioning data to the...

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