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The Zero G2 Helm Shock Mitigation Suspension Seat The Zero G2 Helm Shock Mitigation Suspension Seat is constructed from 100% aluminum and designed specifically for Military, Search & Rescue, Offshore and Law Enforcement use. Zero G2 Helm FEATURES · Extremely robust design · Effective shock mitigation · Comfortable also when standing · Flexible configurations Great impact absorption The secret of a good suspension seat is to de-accelerate the body over the greatest distance possible and in a controlled uniformed manner. With the Zero G2 Helm seat this has been achieved by using a proprietary shock absorber featuring an air spring. The shock absorber is produced by Fox Defence and utilizes the latest Kashima coating. The combined efforts of shock absorber and suspension geometry results in a seat that starts off soft and when the spring rate rises as it compresses, the person is slowed down gently and progressively. This also reduces the energy consumption, making travelling at high speed much more effortless, compared to traditional fixed seats. Virtually Maintenance free The Zero G2 Helm combines these features with the ability to be fully adjustable to the size and weight of individual crew members. Constructed from military specification anodized alloy and advanced plastics, it can endure persons with a weight of up to 190 kilos, and is virtually maintenance free. It can be used behind consoles or as stand alone seating, and can be configured with front and rear handrails and optional seat belts for added safety and security to crews. Enhanced Balance Control The Zero G2 Helm is a very light seat, and also has the inherent quality of enhancing balance control when standing. This is achieved with a long and narrow cushion, that allows the user to place the feet on both sides and squeezing the legs against the seat to maintain the balance in rough sea, while always being able to sit comfortably if needed. Made in Denmark The seat is designed and manufactured at the headquarters of Tornado Boats Internationals in Aarhus, Denmark, and can be supplied to customers worldwide.

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Tornado Boats International ApS Sk^ringvej 107 8520 Lystrup Denmark Phone: +45 86265655 E-mail: FEATURES - Very robust design - Extreme capacity in terms of shock absorption - Reduce risk of injuries - Reduce physical fatigue - Do not bottom-out - Do not break - Do not corrode - Do not need any maintenance - Relatively light weight - Used by professionals in demanding conditions for many years with zero failures - Proprietary shock absorber from Fox Defence Base dimensions (standard feet) 350 x 370mm - Front Handle in aluminium - Soft Front Handle - Foot Straps -...

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