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It’s simple, safe and organic. User manual version 1.2 Version 1.2 of this manual describes the current product release; Changes in terms of technical progress are reserved and will be applied without further notice. Current version: aquonic manual en v1.3 250420.docx

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Introduction We thank you for putting your trust into us and purchasing our fully automated water treatment plant. This manual provides information for installing and operating the plant, which allows generating fresh water on yachts, house boats, RVs and vacation homes. Please read all chapters of this manual very carefully before beginning installation or start-up. Correct installation of this plant requires technical personnel, preferably acquainted with plumbing, and respective tools. Please contact us if you have any doubts or uncertainties during installation!! Warranty claims caused...

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case of doubt. There are special test sets or certified test laboratories (for commercial use) for the latter. Safety indications Please pay close attention to following safety indications: This symbol refers to outstanding hazard sources. This symbol refers to outstanding electrical hazards. This plant may only be installed and operated if you read and understood all given instructions of this manual. Improper installation or operation may cause serious damage which may not be covered by our waranty or product liability. Checking delivery Please check the delivery immediately upon receipt...

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Following accessories and consumables may be delivered on demand: - 16 mm spiral reinforced inlet hose ¾” Trudesign Seacock with black through-hull fitting white through-hull fitting as tap water outlet and overflow 3/8” fresh water pressure line (needed for connecting plant to tank, plant to outlet and as flushing pipe) Voltage cable and remote control cabel in any desired length Fuse Power supply 24 V Connection fittings for fresh water pressure line to flushing pipe (1/2 or 3/8“, most faucet connections use 3/8”, the pump connections of the onboard pressure pump also uses ½”, please...

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Functional principle Surrounding water will be sucked through a filter unit consisting of four prefilters ( (sediment, 20 µm, 5 µm, carbon filter) and then pressed to the osmosis diaphragm by a high pressure pump for further cleaning. The resulting waste water may be reused or diverted off board. The produced fresh water will further be purified by an UVC sterilization unit and remineralized. The water circulation is controlled automatically by magnetic valves. The plant will begin a flushing procedure upon start and will therefore divert the produced water off board for the first 15...

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CE; 89/392 CEE sect.1 (general safety machines requirements), 89/336 CEE (electromagnetic compatibility), 73/23 CEE (electric safety requirements); valves and pipes according to drinking water ordinance Control electronics - Fully encapsulated installation casing with attached control cable and remote control switch Remote control For easier operation of the plant, we provide a remote control switch with a control cable of 5m length (standard length, extensions are possible). The control cable for the remote control can be arbitrary extended; Please tell us the desired cable length before...

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Plant assembly Choosing assembly site The plant should be installed low and as close to the inlet valve as possible to ensure an unobstructed supply of water. Furthermore, the prefilter and inlet vale should be close to the plant. If the plant cannot be installed below the water level, the prepump must be placed next to the inlet valve. We deliver a separate prepump by default – the maximum distance between inlet and plant is 3m in height and 5m in length. The plant is not frost-proof and must therefore be installed in a frostproof place oft he vessel or vehicle. If there is no appropriate...

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1. Inlet valve, we recommend TRUDESIGN plastic valves with ¾“ ID (separatly deliverable; not within scope of delivery) 2. Sediment-prefilter (within scope of delivery) 3. Prepump (within scope of delivery) 4. Onboard fresh water tank; we recommend a capacity of at least 200L ( separatly deliverable; not within scope of delivery) 5. Tap water tank or drainage; we recommend a capacity of at least 200L with overflow or 10 mm ID drainage (separatly deliverable; not within scope of delivery) 6. Flushing water inlet from the vessel’s water supply (around 2-3 bar high pressure line required,...

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Please state your desired cable lengths between plant and remote control, hose lengths and the used supply voltage on board upon ordering. Use sufficiently large cables (double insulated rubber cable) with adequate protection for on board power supply. The cross section needs to be at least 4 mm² for a 12 volt supply system on board or 2.5 mm² for a 24V system respectively. The plant should be connected to a buffer batterie instead of directly to the DC supply system because of the inrush currents of the pumps. Please request adequate configurations beforehand, if you do not use a 12 or 24V...

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The plant may only be connected if the battery main switch is set to off. The basics of eletric wiring and safeguarding circuits are to be followed. Making the connections All hose connections must be secured twice with opposite hose clamps. The fresh water lines will be interlocked and with a lock ring secured. The hose should be wetted before connecting (dipping into a cup filled with a mixture of water and dishwashing agent, rinsing agent works too). Push the hose up against the inlet and insert the clip. For disconnecting, remove the blue clip and push the inlet towards the adapter and...

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Multifunction switch for system control (remote control switch is default) UVC-reactor Fresh water outlet Tap or waste water outlet Diaphragm Flushing valve Pressure pump 8. Water inlet of prepump 9. 20 micron filter 10. 5 micron filter 11. Carbon filter 12. Switch valves 13. Remineralization

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