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EX-BC820v2H3-TC620 D series


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EX-BC820v2H3-TC620 D series - 1

■S ATEX and lECEx certified for gas and dust S Dual sensor for day and night vision o 336x256 LWIR thermal camera o 3 Megapixel 30x zoom IP camera S 360° Continuous rotation S Variable pan and tilt speed S Single integrated flexible conduit tail S Corrosion protected 316L stainless steel S Complete range of thermal lenses available S ONVIF profile S compliant Description The Explosion proof dual head camera is a combination of an HD visible light camera and a night vision thermal camera, providing remote surveillance 24/7. The camera is designed for hazardous areas. The housing is constructed from electro-polished 316L stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection and is fitted as standard with wiper, sunshield and thermostatically controlled heater element. ATEX and lECEx certified The EX-BC820v2H3-TC620 D is an Ex d (flame proof) housing suited to be used in hazardous areas, such as zone 1 or 2 for gaseous environments and zone 21 or 22 for dust environments. Integrated thermal camera The thermal camera makes video surveillance possible in all weather, no-light and difficult lighting conditions. It is built around an uncooled micro bolometer with a resolution of 336x256 pixels. No additional lightning is necessary to detect a person in the absolute dark. The camera is ONVIF Profile S compliant and supports the open standard (OSA) HTTP API for ease of integration. Integrated HD zoom camera Fitted as standard, the dual headed PTZ is equipped with a 30x optical zoom 3 Megapixel (2048x1536), IP day/night camera. The 30x zoom realizes the optimum field of view in any situation. Multi-stream Both cameras have their own IP -address and has multi-stream capability for simultaneous streaming of H.264/H.264 or H.264/MJPEG. Multiple combinations of resolution and frame rate can be configured to satisfy different live viewing and recording scenarios. Security Solution In combination with Sense, TKH Security Solutions Video Management System, the Ex cameras create a versatile CCTV solution for hazardous areas. Compatibility with other video management systems is realized by the camera’s ONVIF Profile S compliance. Conduit choices To simplify installation in hazardous areas the Ex-PTZ is standard fitted with a 3m conduit, including wiring. TKH Security Solutions offers an 316L Ex e termination box for easy, but safe and secure installation. The conduit is available in 3, 5, or 10 m.

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EX-BC820v2H3-TC620 D series - 2

Ingress protection rating Body material Rotation Tilt angle Variable speed Max Torque Backlash Preset accuracy Conduit Glands Length Sunshield Internal demister/heater Wiper Washer system Operating temperature “Dry heat” test Weight ATEX, IECEx II 2 G Ex d op pr IIC T6 II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db IP66/67 IP66/ IP67 Electro-polished 316L stainless steel 360° Continuous rotation +90° to-90° up to 40°/sec pan and 20°/sec tilt (peak) 80 Nm pan, 107 Nm tilt <0.1° 0.04° 25 mm low fire hazard, liquid tight conduit Galvanized steel core. Zero halogen 2x M25 Brass flameproof barrier glands,...

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EX-BC820v2H3-TC620 D series - 4

Analytics (Thermal camera only) Freeform zones or detection lines 2x in stand-alone (Web configured) up to 8x with the “VCA Configuration Server” Event type Detection line: Touch, Cross (directional sensitive), Cross Detection zone: Touch, Enter, Inside, Exit Event time 0 to 10 s Event output generic ONVIF, digital I/O, SPI

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EX-BC820v2H3-TC620 D series - 5

EX wall mounting bracket PTZ 316L wall mounting bracket PTZ or EX PTZ camera housings 10 litres pressurized washer tank, 316L cabinet, Ex d (or Ex e) solenoid 316L Ex e termination box PTZ or fixed cameras Maintenance & replacement kits EX-MK PTZ Maintenance kit EX PTZ camera: O-Ring, screws, desiccant bags Please Note: Thermal cameras fall under export restrictions. Please, contact TKH Security Solutions for more information.

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EX-BC820v2H3-TC620 D series - 6

EX- BC820v2H3-TC620 D series Explosion-proof dual head PTZ camera station Mounting pattern: The quality management system used in the development, production, sales, and support of this product is ISO 9001 certified by LRQA. © Siqura B.V. 2017 - Version 0.0 - Subject to modification.

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