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TA2P-series - 1

Product Segments • Auto Motion The TA2P series is the high powered version of the TA2. Using the more powerful motor makes this actuator capable of handling load ratings up to 200KG while maintaining its compact size. Some TP2P typical applications of the TA2P series are mower adjustment, industrial floor scrubber/waxing machines, and other industrial equipment…etc. General Features Voltage of motor Maximum load Maximum speed at no load Maximum speed at full load Minimum installation dimension stroke+108mm (With Hall sensor(s) or without output signals) Minimum installation dimension stroke+138mm (With POT, Optical, or Reed signals) Color silver Certificate Option POT, Optical, Hall/Reed sensor(s)

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TA2P-series - 2

Dimension without Hall Sensor(s) Retracted Length Dimension with Reed Sensor Rated Load Typical Speed No Load Rated Load The left diagram shows the speed and current figures under pushing condition. Speed would be the same if with 12V motor, but with double current consumption comparing #A & #F have to work with equal potential brake. The self locking force above need to work with TiMOTION control system. in order to improve our products, TiMOTION products are subject changes without prior notice. TiMOTION reserves the right products displayed on its website or listed in its catalogue or...

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TA2P-series - 3

CD ^> Minimum Retracted Length Stroke Without Output Signals With Output Signals Front Attachment 1,2+ Rear Attachment 1,2,3 Front Attachment 1,2+ Rear Attachment 4,5,6 Front Attachment 3,4,5+ Rear Attachment 1,2,3 Front Attachment 3,4,5+ Rear Attachment 4,5,6 Additional retracted length Safety Additional Stroke Limit Stroke Invalid Length 1 Above stroke recommendation is based on safety stroke limit, for each additional 50mm stroke, it needs to add 5mm for the retracted length. 1 If TA2P's stroke is 201mm, the retracted length = 201mm+invalid length+5mm. 2 If TA2P's stroke is 300mm, the...

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TA2P-series - 4

Retracted Length See appendix Note : before selecting retracted length, please refer to the additional retracted length chart Rear Attachment 1 = Hole 6.4mm 2 = ole 8mm H 3 = ole 10mm H 4 = Slot 6mm, hole 6.4mm 5 = Slot 6mm, hole 8mm 6 = lot 6mm, hole 10mm S A = ustomized C Front Attachment 1 = Hole 6.4mm 2 = ole 8mm H 3 = clevis, slot 6mm, hole 10mm U 4 = U clevis, slot 6mm, hole 6.4mm 5 = U clevis, slot 6mm, hole 8mm A = ustomized C Direction of Rear Attachment Functions for Limit Switches 1 = wo switches at the retracted/extended positions to cut current T 2 = wo switches at the...

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