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TA1-series - 1

Product Segments • Comfort Motion • Care Motion • Auto Motion • Ergo Motion The TA1 is a quiet powerful actuator custom designed for multiple applications in the healthcare, furniture, ergonomic and industrial markets. TA1 is one of TiMOTION’s original products and is available in many configurations to best suit the most demanding applications. TA1 industry certifications include IEC60601-1, RoHS, and UL/ EN60601-1 certificates. General Features Voltage of motor Maximum load Maximum load Maximum speed at no load Maximum speed at full load Minimum installation dimension stroke+163mm Color Protection class freewheeling push only, safety nut, quick release, Hall/Reed sensor(s)

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TA1-series - 2

Standard Dimension Retracted Length Retracted Length Load and Speed CODE Rated Load PUSH N Self Locking N (PUSH) Typical Current at Rated Load (A) Typical Speed No Load (32V DC) mm/s 1  he left diagram shows the T speed and current figures under pushing condition. 2  peed would be the same S if with 12V motor, but with double current consumption comparing 24V motor. Terms of Use The user is responsible for determining the suitability of TiMOTION products for a specific application. 3  f choosing #B, it must use iron I inner tube and front attachment #5, and add additional 5mm reteacted...

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TA1-series - 3

Additional retracted length TA Series Safety Additional Additional Stroke Limit Stroke Invalid Length 1 Above stroke recommendation is based on safety stroke limit, for each additional 50mm stroke, it needs to add 5mm for the retracted length. 1 If TAI's stroke is 201mm, the retracted length = 201mm+invalid length+5mm. 2 If TA1 's stroke is 300mm, the retracted length = 300mm+invalid length+10mm.

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TA1-series - 4

1 = 12V 2 = 24V 3 = 36V Note : if load and speed options = #R, #Y, or #B, voltage cannot choose option #1 Retracted Length Stroke+163mm (for front attachment 1,2,5,6) Stroke+187mm (for quick release, front attachment 1, 2, 5, 6) Stroke+180mm (for front attachment 3,4,B,C) Stroke+204mm (for quick release, front attachment 3,4,B,C) Stroke+175mm (for front attachment 7, 8) Stroke+199mm (for quick release, front attachment 7,8) Note : before selecting retracted length, please refer to the additional retracted length chart Rear Attachment 0 = lastic U clevis, slot 8.2mm, hole 10.2mm (recommended...

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