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We have four basic models that are all available in four different variations. The basic models can be modified if the order quantity is big enough. All of our ladder models: - Are produced from hand polished stainless steel AISI 316 to give a prestige image and best user experience to the end-client. - Are available either with 3 or 4 steps. Are finished with either Economy- or Prem/um-steps. Comply with CE and NMMA-regulations. DROP DOWN TELESCOPE CASSETTE LADDER Tietoset Oy | | +358 40 532 9219 | | Atonlitie 2, Helsinki

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Economy-steps are made of flattened round tube with plastic covering (white or black). Premium-steps are made of shaped oval tube to provide the best outlook and feel on the foot. Prem/um-steps can give any boat model good looking final touch and create prestige image. Premium-step (foldable) Tietoset 0/ | | +358 40 532 9219 | | Atomitie 2, Helsinki

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Foldable ladder suits perfectly to different boat models and needs. This model is easy to attach on any boat model thanks to the adjustment plates and modifiability. Using the ladder is super easy and effortless. The ladder is firmly secured when not in use. It does not shake or make noise at any speed. Basic models: - Foldable, 4-steps, Economy-finish (401E) - Foldable, 4-steps, Prem/um-finish (401P) - Foldable, 3-steps, Economy-finish (301E) - Foldable, 3-steps, Prem/um-finish (301P) Tietoset 0/ | | +358 40 532 9219 | | Atomitie 2, Helsinki

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Spring lock model fits under the swimming platform giving client excellent usability. The ladder is easily lowered down to the water and it sets to a pleasant 105-degree angle making the experience even more enjoyable. The angle also protects the boat as it prevents the ladder from rocking against the boat. The ladder is very firm and it complies with CE-regulations. The spring lock makes the ladder easy to use and it also keeps the ladder firmly on the spot when it is not used. Absolutely no dragging behind the boat. Guaranteed! - Spring lock, 4-steps, Economy-finish (402E) - Spring lock,...

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The drop-down telescope ladder folds on top of the swimming platform and it’s easy to lower down to the water and to use. The model complies with the new CE-regulation and it can be ordered either with 3 or 4 steps. The ladder is firm and the 105-degree angle makes the usability of the ladders excellent and comfortable. Thanks to the angle, the ladder doesn’t rock against the boat when in use and lowered in to water. Basic models: - Drop-down, 4-steps, Economy-finish (403E) - Drop-down, 4-steps, Prem/um-finish (403P) - Drop-down, 3-steps, Economy-finish (303E) - Drop-down, 3-steps,...

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This telescope cassette ladder is attached under the swimming platform and it is opened and closed with an easy locking mechanishm. The ladder complies with the new CE-regulation and it can be ordered either with 3 or 4 steps. Basic models: - Telescope, 4-steps, Economy-finish (403E) - Telescope, 4-steps, Prem/um-finish (403P) - Telescope, 3-steps, Economy-finish (303E) - Telescope, 3-steps, Prem/um-finish (303P) Tietoset 0/ | | +358 40 532 9219 | | Atomltle 2, Helsinki

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Interested? Contact our Sales and ask for a quote! Keep in mind that we only produce swimming ladders to companies with big volumes (50+) +358 40 532 9219

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