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Tideland Engineered World Leading AtoN Solutions Tideland Signal’s (Tideland) vision of growth is achieved by focusing on our mission to deliver innovative aids to marine navigation (AtoN) solutions, products and services, and support our customers with comprehensive technical assistance and after sales care. We continually utilise new technologies to enhance the performance of traditional AtoN products, while bridging the link in conceiving, developing and manufacturing digital aids to navigation. Our more than 60 years of innovation and proven reliability, with the support of our global...

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Offshore Platform Systems 15-10 Nm Tideland offers world-class offshore platform products made to withstand the harshest of environments. Our offshore platform systems comply with the latest IALA Recommendation O-139 on the Marking of Man-Made Offshore Structures and include the option of a 15Nm navigational light, which is often required by regional authorities. For USA waters, Tideland offshore platform systems are fully compliant with US Coast Guard requirements for Class A, B and C structures. Tideland products are certified to Class I, Division 2, ATEX Category 2 and 3, and IECEX where...

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Offshore Wind Farms Tideland Engineered Tideland develops and supplies several options of marine AtoN and aviation warning systems specifically designed for Offshore Wind Farms (OWF), Meteorological Masts, and Offshore Sub Stations (OSS). Tideland products comply with the specific requirements of national authorities and with international specifications, such as, ICAO Annex 14 2004, and IALA Recommendation 0-139 which outlines the requirements for the marking of individual and Wind Turbine Generators (Fixed & Floating) Meteorological Masts All Tideland products exceed the requirements of...

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Power Systems Stand Alone Power Systems Tideland’s stand alone power systems are deployed in some of the world’s harshest environments. We provide solutions where safety and power continuity are paramount. By combining cutting edge design software with solid engineering fundamentals, Tideland is uniquely positioned with an abundance of application experience to deliver world-class service and reliable products. System examples include: Integration Whether working from a concept, or a full engineering specification, Tideland leads the way in the field of bespoke engineering projects. From...

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Tideland Engineered Service, Installation & Maintenance Service, Installation & Maintenance Tideland specialises in the provision of custom marine AtoN maintenance packages. With abundant knowledge and expertise, Tideland is qualified to provide end-toend navigation solutions for shore and sea based installations. Our products and services are fully compliant with IALA guidelines and consistent with the highest standards we have been known to deliver. solution offering includes: Installation Risk Assessment Contract Maintenance Training Commissioning Offshore Services Site Surveys...

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Electronic Navigation Remote Control 8c Monitoring Tideland offers a satellite monitoring system that provides remote information for important marine AtoN. A small satellite radio is installed in the AtoN, which utilises the Inmarsat 12 and 13 satellites via the lsatM2M. Information such as GPS position, light go/no go, battery voltage and additional data is displayed on any web browser. Warnings are automatically sent if preset values are exceeded. The V-Track™ Informer™ is an AIS information provider and remote monitoring system for use on marine AtoN and other structures. Tideland's...

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Tideland Engineered Electronic Monitoring Web Display System Tideland utilises new technologies to enhance the performance of traditional AtoN installations. Our web based system is designed to provide access to AtoN products around the world. Proven and tested, our web display system will offer flexibility and reliability unlike any other similar product available in today’s market. New in 2014, Tideland will offer a web display system accessible from around the world. Features will include: Data from Satellite Monitoring System AIS AtoN and Monitoring AIS Vessel GPRS/GSM Monitoring Web...

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Electronic Monitoring NavLink - Monitoring and Control Tideland’s NavLink has consistently proven to be a reliable remote monitoring and control management system, with the capacity to handle many aids to navigation (AtoN) data point connections and means to remotely monitor and control the functionality of AtoN products. NavLink is also capable of providing Modbus communication to any SCADA system. Direct Connection Meteorological/Hydrological Data System Tideland offers many different sensors and sensor combinations to meet the unique meteorological and hydrological data requirements....

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Tideland Engineered Self-Contained Lanterns L-110, L-120, L-130 Entry 1 to 3Nm Tideland’s L-110, 120 and 130 self-contained lantern options provide a cost effective solution for those requiring 1 to 3Nm lanterns. All lanterns are compact and provide a reliable and low maintenance solution. Ideal uses include small marker buoys, docks, marinas and aquaculture sites. These lanterns are available in all IALA colours. L-110 Tideland’s SolaLED is a high intensity, selfcontained marine navigation lantern with its own solar power system and battery pack for 3 to 4 nautical mile ranges. It is...

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Self-Contained Lanterns 4 to 6Nm - UL Approved Tideland’s SolaNOVA-65 is UL approved and has proven to be one of the leading self-contained lanterns available in the current market. It is used by numerous coast guard authorities and is also approved for use on offshore platforms. Features: Options of 3°, 5°, 10°, 20° and 30° Vertical Divergence User Selectable Power Setting for Visual Range User Selectable Flash Characters Optional GPS Synchronisation Module Optional GSM/GPRS Monitoring Tideland’s Nova-65 SC is a popular self-contained lantern with plenty of battery life for those areas...

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