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SB-2200P Sentinel®, a larger patented version of the extremely successful SB-98P, is Tideland Signal’s newest generation of large sea buoys. This buoy’s patented hull, lifting and mooring eye system, and its twin-keel design, bring together two decades of experience in providing worldwide, on-station alternatives to steel and GRP buoys. The SB-2200P modular design is ideal for use in open seas, exposed channels and harbours, and its twin keel provides superior performance in currents up to 6 knots. SB-2200P is a direct replacement for most steel ocean buoys. SB-2200P FEATURES • UV-STABILISED POLYETHYLENE – Rotationally moulded for a tough 12mm thick body with increased thickness for reinforcement at stress points. The polyethylene material is abrasion resistant, shock absorbing, impact resistant, and able to withstand collisions at sea. In addition, it repels marine growth. Colour pigment is impregnated throughout, eliminating the need for repeated, costly sandblasting and painting. • MODULAR CONSTRUCTION – A float section, middle superstructure section and top navaid section form the SB-2200P buoy. In the event of damage, individual sections can be easily replaced on the deck of a buoy tender at sea. • MATCHING OR ALTERNATING COLOURS – Bifurcation buoys easily can be made, either red or green as needed. Cardinal buoys can be assembled using the same method with yellow and black sections. Fairway or Safe Water buoys are produced using a process of colour graphics, resulting in red and white vertical striping. Wreck marker buoys use the same process, resulting in blue and yellow vertical striping. USA • UNITED KINGDOM • UAE • SINGA

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FEATURES (cont.) • FLOAT SECTION OF 2.2 METRES DIAMETER - Utilises a patented high strength, internal structure, solidly linking a two-position mooring eye, two lifting eyes, deck and superstructure. The hull is filled with polystyrene beads, expanded and bonded through a steam process, filling voids and limiting water ingress in case of puncture. The one-piece polystyrene adds rigidity and support to the tough polyethylene outer hull. Twin keels provide stability in fast water and support the buoy standing erect on deck. The SB-2200P two- position mooring eye is provided for either fast or...

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FEATURES (cont.) STANDARD AND OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR THE SB-2200P SENTINEL® BUOY TOPMARKS Rotationally moulded polyethylene in shapes and colours recommended by IALA. EXTENDED HEIGHT (not shown) Pedestal for raising lantern focal plane. LANTERN GUARD Marine grade, hard-adonised aluminium. Extended focal plane version is available. RECOMMENDED SIGNAL LANTERNS MaxLED-200, SolaMAX Series (shown), MLED Series, or MLED-120SC. V-TRACK™ V-03 INFORMER™ Transmits real-time buoy, light and other navaid status information to AIS-equipped vessels. GPS (with built-in antenna) reads position and sends...

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Foam Filling Nominal Focal Plane Height Optional Extended Focal Plane Nominal Draft Nominal Freeboard Radar Reflector Radar Range, Nominal Visual Area with daymark panels (can shape) with daymark panels (nun shape) Maximum Mooring Load Maximum Current NOTE: Specifications are subject to change. RECOMMENDED MOORINGS Currents of Less than 2 Knots_ Water Depth Chain Length Rotationally moulded in low density UV-stabilised virgin polyethylene Chain Size Recommendation is to use a 1000kg sinker for all above conditions. 2. Recommended chain weight: 3. Air weight of typical bridle 4. Mooring...

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