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The right “twist” for the perfect insulation. The new Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation with Tmax-TwistTec. Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen GmbH, Germany Thermamax, Inc., USA Taicang Thermamax High Temperature Insulation Equipment Co., Ltd., P

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Many components in the engine compartment and exhaust line are interconnected to make up a complete system - generally using metallic V-Band Clamps of some description. Even an otherwise perfectly insulated system can have gaps at these interfaces, allowing unwanted and uncontrolled heat loss into the engine compartment. Apart from the temperature loss, there is also a risk that heat-sensitive components in the surrounding space may be damaged by the radiated heat. Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation solves these problems in a safe and highly efficient manner. Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation consists...

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Tmax-TwistTec. Insulated in no time at all. Depending on customer requirements, the Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation is available with a choice of two different fixing systems. In addition to a conventional screwed connection*, Thermamax can now also provide a new fixing system: TmaxTwistTec. Simple, quick installation. Tmax-TwistTec operates like a “sardine can” and uses a specially provided ring that is positioned onto the Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation and winds out to ensure effective insulation at the connection point. g nal fixin o additio installation. eds n istTec ne , quick Tmax-Tw...

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All round Insulation. For more than 40 years. One principle has guided us since the founding of the company in 1976: Understanding Temperature. We’ve made handling high temperatures in engines and exhaust systems our core mission. We continue to develop unique solutions and are recognized today as a specialist in the design and manufacture of thermal and acoustic insulation systems. You’ll find our high-temperature insulation systems in both on- and off-highway vehicles, in stationary power generation, in ships, and on oil platforms, both on land and at sea.

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