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Tmax-Integral S

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Insulating was never so easy … Please open here Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen GmbH, Germany Thermamax, Inc., USA Taicang Thermamax High Temperature Insulation Equipment Co., Ltd., PRC

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So how do you make the perfect insulation even better ? Through improved logistics. … with Tmax-Integral S. Tmax-Integral insulation can fulfil the most demanding requirements. It doesn’t just reduce the temperature in the engine space and protect sensitive components. The ability to also maintain system temperature significantly increases the operating efficiency of turbochargers, catalytic converters, diesel particle filters, and other performance-critical components. The insulation system comprises outer shells of stainless steel fitted on the internal surface with a fiber-insulating...

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Progress means never going down the same road twice. Logistics with Tmax-Integral S Logistics without Tmax-Integral S Logistics of insulation — today and in the future. All basic components needing insulation currently make something of a detour. They arrive at our factory in expensive packaging direct from the supplier or from our customer. We create the combination of fiber material and insulating shells and send them on their way again to the customer. With   max-Integral S  the T insulating shells come direct to you and the complete insulating procedure is integrated smoothly into your...

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Technically advanced embossing and shaping technologies mean that the insulation shells can be an exact fit onto the basic component. This means the highest quality insulation system, tailor-made to your requirements. Tailor-made to your processes  : Our All-Inclusive Package. We will provide you with all necessary know-how and technical information. Your workforce will themselves become expert in successful insulation application. We will produce a detailed analysis of your current manufacturing process, and of the future planned process, together with all influencing factors. The results...

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Insulation on the production line — let’s show you what that means. Thermamax delivers the pre-prepared insulating shells to your works. The shells are fitted to the basic component using a folded seam. Insulation shells and basic component arrive at your production line. Just a few moments later your component comes out with its completed insulation … All parts arrive at the S -Box , i. e. the assembly stage. … and ready for further production processes.

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There you have it  ! The benefits of Tmax-Integral S  *. The figures speak for themselves … and for us. 95 % lower insurance premiums 43 % lower logistics costs With no shipping of basic components to us, packing, transport costs, and quality control costs are saved. Planning and time involved are reduced to a minimum. Every transport stage constitutes a risk, and basic components not in transit don’t need to be insured. € 50 % reduction in tied-up capital of basic components We reduce capital tied up in basic components, thereby increasing liquidity. With Tmax-Integral Insulation produced...

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The future of insulation has begun … Brought to you by Thermamax  . Making contact with us was never so easy. Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen GmbH Ölhafenstraße 28 68169 Mannheim Germany Phone + 49 621 322 35 0 Fax + 49 621 322 35 29 info @ Taicang Thermamax High Temperature Insulation Equipment Co., Ltd. 77 Beijing East Road, Taicang 215400 PRC Phone + 86 512 5377 1001 Fax + 86 512 5377 1002 info

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