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MARBOX Monitoring System


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MARBOX Monitoring System - 2

MARBOX This system optimises operational management and enhances on-board safety. The exclusive MARBOX monitoring system by MARCO provides real-time status data and records the working parameters of the hydraulic system for all kinds of deck equipment, but especially for the main winch and the powerblock. It provides data for monitoring flow rates and hydraulic working pressures, oil quality and temperature, purse seine winch and powerblock speeds, status of filters, number of hours worked by equipment, manoeuvring times, number of hauls made, etc. The system comprises a number of sensors and...

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MARBOX Monitoring System - 3

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM MONITORING · Pressure. · Flow rate. · Power. · Oil quality and temperature. ALARM SYSTEM · Real-time alarm display. · Alarm programming. · Record of past alarm trips. REAL-TIME MONITORING OF DECK EQUIPMENT · General display of equipment. · Purse seine winch. · Powerblock. · Auxiliary winches. DATA RECORDING · Assessment of operation. · In-depth study of malfunctions recorded. · Improvement actions for the maintenance plan. MULTIPLE DISPLAYS · On-board. · R

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MARBOX Monitoring System - 4

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