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Fish Pumps CAPSULPUMP Simple and Efficient Fish Pumping

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Capsulpump Simple and Efficient Fish Pumping Complete System Fish pumping couldn't be faster or simpler than with the Capsulpump submersible pump which creates positive water pressure to push the fish and water through the fish hose and no priming or re-priming is required. They have been specifically designed to move a large fish/water volume quickly (Up to 1000 m3/h (standard models)), which helps to reduce the time needed to complete the pumping operation. Marco's Capsulpump are able to work at a depth of up to 20 metres, which increases the efficiency of the operation and allowing to...

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Capsulpump Model Height (A) Width (B) Discharge Diameter (C) Weight Pumping Rate Maximum Hydraulic Flow 100 l/min (26 GPM) @ 140 bar (2000 psi) 160 l/min (42 GPM) @ 140 bar (2000 psi) 260 l/min (68 GPM) @ 175 bar (2500 psi) Note: U-882 available with 10" or 14” discharge, on request. Please contact TH COMPANY for special large-volume applications.

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More than 60 years helping the Tuna Industry TH COMPANY SPAIN HEADQUARTERS Aritz Bidea, 65. Apdo. 17 48100 Mungia, Vizcaya - Spain ^ +34 946 740 500 ISI VIGO Av. Beiramar, 171 36208 Vigo, Pontevedra - Spain +34 886 128 301 ISI MEXICO Calle Puerto Tampico s/n Parque Industrial Alfredo V. Bonfil 82050 Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico ^ +52 669 176 85 06 ISI ECUADOR MANTA Via San Mateo Ciudadela Mediterraneo, Bodega 8 130802 Manta - Ecuador ^ +59 352 678 820 ISI GUAYAQUIL Av. Juan Tanca Marengo, km 4.5 C.C. Plaza Sai Baba, Local...

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