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Terhi Catalogue 2009


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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 2

For the past 37 years, Terhi has been building and developing durable and safe boats for demanding conditions. Thanks to its unique manufacturing technology and broad-minded attitude towards product development, Terhi has become a favourite and respected international brand in the boating world. Our extensive range of models means we have the perfect craft for all types of water and every different kind of need. A good example of the company's innovative product development is the increasingly popular Saiman Sunwind - an eco-friendly boat driven by a solar-powered electric motor! Our range...

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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 3

crrninrn tina Terhi is known for its absolute commitment to safety, and no wonder as Terhi boats are practically unsinkable - a Terhi boat will stay afloat even when sawn in two! This level of safety is based on an advanced and unique produc- tion process. The hull and deck of all Terhi boats are made of strong, shock- and weather-proof ABS thermo-plastic. The space between the thermo-formed hull and deck sections is filled with a non-water-absorbent polyurethane foam, which adheres securely to both pieces. The end-result is a solid and stiff sandwich construction - a prac- tically...

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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 4

g^f^ wit/i Tefàl -emetica^ wumMfc. Terhi boats are built in the small Finnish fishing village of Rymàttylà. Nestled in the beautiful Finnish Archipelago, Terhi has every reason to cherish its unique natural sur- roundings and is a prudent choice if you are environmen- tally conscious. The production process for Terhi boats creates no emis- sions hazardous to nature, into land, water or air. ABS thermo-plastic is a recyclable material, and all plastic waste resulting from production is either recycled or re-used. The polyurethane foam used in the sandwich construction does not contain any...

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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 5

Terhi ROWING BOATS: Terhi MOTOR BOATS: GENERAL INFORMATION Baby Fun 6 More Fun 16 Terhi Fix 33 Sunny 7 More Fun C 17 Terhi cleaner 33 Terhi 385 8 Sea Fun 18 Technical data Terhi 440 10 Sea Fun C 19 Saiman 12 Terhi 4110 20 Saiman Sunwind 13 Vario F45 22 Vario T45 23 Nordic 6020 24 Nordic 6020 C 26 475 Open CC 28 475 Twin C 30 34-35 5

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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 6

glides smoothly behind a sailboat or can be transported on davits light and easy to row, lift and tow lockable stowage under the seat for oars and other equipment ideal for leaving on your mooring as it is rainwater draining Ideal as a tender for a larger vessel or as a starter boat for the family's future sailors. The Terhi Baby Fun is the smallest member of our rowing boat family, but as far as perform- ance goes, larger than its name suggests. Sheltered waters Tiller control engine power

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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 7

easy to row, and runs well with a small outboard motor Perfect for the summer cottage, fishing trips and explor- ing local waters. Terhi Sunny is a traditionally styled rowing boat for the whole family. Its' compact size and light weight make it easy to take on new adventures either on a car roof rack or the davits of a larger vessel. engine power Sheltered waters Tiller control

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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 8

- the number one rowing boat! Since 1978 40.000 units of Terhi 385 have been produced, making it perhaps the most popular rowing boat through all times in Europe. A reliable boat for rowers of all ages, it has deserved its success, meeting all the needs and requirements of the boater. With Finland's favourite rowing boat, you can safely set off to go fishing, to visit a neighbouring island or to call in at the local village shop. Sheltered waters Tiller control stable and safe boat for rowers of all ages easy to row, it also runs comfortably with a small outboard motor lockable, dry stowage...

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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 10

• an amply dimensioned craft • two rowing stations and room for an outboard motor • lockable stowage fore and aft • longitudinally adjustable centre seat The Terhi 440 provides plenty of room for large loads. This boat, de- signed for demanding use and mature tastes is ideal as a transport craft or fishing boat as it will not rock when casting nets and haul- ing in a catch. Thanks to its broad beam, the Terhi 440 is extremely stable and safe, even when carrying larger groups of people. engine power Sheltered waters Tiller control

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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 12

TexÁi Sai/nati traditional vein The Terhi Saiman is a traditional Finnish rowing boat à la Terhi! Its doubly strong ABS thermo-plastic construction resists grounding knocks and dents considerably better than wooden or fibreglass boats and is easy to maintain. Its shape enables it to slip trough the water easily by rowing or by outboard motor. Sheltered waters Tiller control ed 'boat with optional access traditional rowing boat with great carrying capacity and stability two rowing stations and room for an outboard motor lockable stowages fore and aft adjustable centre seat engine power

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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 13

• a perfect, environmentally-friendly boating package • takes a noiseless and easy-to-maintain electric motor • up to three hours of running time between charges T&t/ti Saìtnati Sanwind Noise-free, no polluting emissions, no fuel costs. The Saiman Sunwind is a truly eco-friendly choice. The electric outboard motor of this eco-boat, a result of our broad- minded attitude towards product development, derives its energy from solar power. A natural choice for lazy sum- mer days and stress-free fishing trips. Sheltered waters Tiller control Standard equipment: Electric impulse regulator free...

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Terhi Catalogue 2009 - 16

The little big motor boat A versatile and nimble new craft. In its' class, More Fun is un- matched for stability, and even long trips pass quickly and safely. A youthful look, easy maneouvrability and fantastic design add to Coastal waters • stable construction for safety • top-quality finish • lockable stowage space fore and aft • extra deep freeboard for added safety Width 164 cm Steering console Max kW/hp 7.4/10 Wndscreen rail Recommended Railings engine power 10 hp Canopy Console hood All-round Pole Light Transom transducer holder Cushions, steering console, windshield, windshield rail,...

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