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Terhi - Brochure 2020


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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 2

Terhi is a safe choice and it maintains its value much longer than other similar boats. THE BIGGEST BOAT MANUFACTURER IN SCANDINAVIA Terhi boats are designed and manufactured in the small fishing village of Rymättylä in southwestern Finland. Thanks to the unique manufacturing method and innovative product development, Terhi has established itself as a popular and reliable, internationally recognized boat brand. The broad Terhi model range includes the most popular and beloved rowing boats and motorboats, altogether 21 models. Terhi boats have been manufactured already for 48 years and in...

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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 3

All Terhi-boats are designed and manufactured in Finland, which we are very proud of. All the boats are the finest Finnish quality. The unique sandwich construction All Terhi boats are made out of two separate ABS-plastic shells, which are vacuum formed under immensely high temperature. The space in-between the two shells is then filled with a non-absorbent polyurethane foam. This sandwich-like construction makes Terhi boats not only unsinkable, but also very long-lived and remarkably safe to use. The ABS-plastic is extremely impactand weatherproof, and thus perfect for boats. The high...

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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 4

Small but stable Terhi Tender is excellent as a help dinghy or yawl for a larger boat or as the first boat for the family’s youngest skipper. Handy and effortless to row, easy to lift and travels well after a bigger boat without slowing the pace. Thanks to its catamaran-hull, Tender is extremely stable and secure. Under the seat, which is in lengthwise direction, is a lockable space for oars and other accessories. Tender Green consisting of a green-colored hull as well as a green interior, is an excellent choice for those who enjoy e.g. birdwatching or hunting at sea. Aluminum rowlocks, pair...

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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 5

Handy and versatile A lightweight rowing boat, that also runs happily with a small outboard engine. Its handy size and light weight makes Sunny easy to transport for example on the roof of your car or in a davit of a larger boat. Not only is it perfectly suited for fishing, but it also functions well as a seabird-hunter’s base. Aluminum rowlocks, pair Fender list Oars 7,5’ 225, drilled Rainwater drainage Terhi hand

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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 6

The number one rowing boat! Finland’s most purchased rowing boat complies with the most important needs and requirements of the vacation home or summer house owners. Terhi 385 is a stable and safe boat for the whole family; it is easy to move and effortless to row. It carries itself well, not only with oars, but also with a small outboard engine. Dry lockable storage space under the seat. Available in light grey or verde color (green outer shell and light grey inner shell). Fender list Lockable storage compartment Oars 8’ 240, undrilled Pair of rowlocks Rainwater drainage Terhi

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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 7

Popular all-around boat An excellent boat for island retreats. Reliable, simple and inexpensive, Terhi 400 travels well with a 6–15 hp outboard engine but is also possible to row, both from front and middle bench. Stability, ease of use, good running performance and durability makes Terhi 400 a safe boat to use. The boat can easily be pulled up on land and it has very good storage facilities. Oars, fuel tank and battery can be stowed and locked. Rope boxes are in both corners in the aft. Available in light grey or verde color (green outer shell and light grey inner shell). Fender list Oars...

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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 8

Fun, versatile and user-friendly A stable and seaworthy boat equipped with a steering console. Terhi 400 C is in her element as a commuter and pastime boat in lake areas and sheltered coastal waters with a load of 1-3 persons. Suitable also for anglers. Customize your very own boat according to your needs using extensive additional equipment. Available in light grey or verde color (green outer shell and light grey inner shell). Fender list Oars 8,5’ 255 undrilled Pair of rowlocks Rainwater drainage Steering console Terhi hand bailer Two

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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 9

Miraculously spacious A generously sized rowing boat that can be fitted with an outboard motor. Thanks to the wide hull, Terhi 440 is very stable and the carrying capacity is far more than in most boats of similar size. Commuting from one place to another, the boat carries safely even larger loads to and from the summer house or cottage. When fishing it does not rock, nor roll when the nets are set or when the catch is lifted into the boat. Lockable storage spaces are available in both bow and stern, and the middle bench can be adjusted in length or disconnected and removed if necessary....

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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 10

The classic rowing boat Terhi’s version of the traditional Finnish rowing boat. This open boat moves easily and smoothly, with oars or by engine, but it is much easier to maintain than traditional rowing boats. Saiman’s strong sandwich hull of ABS-plastic can withstand hard impacts much better than boats made out of wood or fiberglass. This carefree boat has room for two sets of oars and a small outboard engine. Lockable storage spaces are also available in this model, and Saiman also has a middle-bench that is adjustable. Fender list Oars 8,5’ 255 undrilled Pair of rowlocks Rainwater...

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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 11

Saiman special edition A version of the popular Terhi Saiman, which adapts especially well to nature thanks to its green color both outside and inside the boat. The boat is especially well suited for wildlife observers, nature photographers and seabird hunters because of its soundless approach and nature-like green color which allows one to get around without arousing attention. In addition, Saiman Hunter produces very little waves, which is beneficial when you want to get around unnoticed. Fender list Green color outside and inside Oars 8,5’ 255 undrilled Pair of rowlocks Rainwater...

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Terhi - Brochure 2020 - 12

Eco-friendly alternative Saiman Solar is a renewed edition of Saiman Sunwind – the eco-friendly boat that uses solar energy as energy source. A 30 W solar panel, a battery regulator and battery casing are included as standard – all pre-assembled. You only need to add a battery that suits your needs and an electric outboard of your choice. If you choose an engine with an integrated battery, you do not necessarily even need a separate battery. Saiman Solar is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious boaters and for those who travel on waters where fuel engines are prohibited. 30 W...

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