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STDC e SW8 - 1

Reverse Osmosis Watermakers SAIL BOATS MOTOR BOATS STDC SY & SW8 are full automatic production of high quantity of fresh water on board of superyachts, huge boats, merchant vessels, land-based plants and offshore platforms. The watermaker is mounted on a solid stainless steel frame in the standard configuration. Comes with an automatic membranes flushing system, a backwashable multimedia sand filter and an automatic pressure regulation device. Equipped with electro-mechanic control panel with LCD display that allows the easy control of all functions. The watermakers can also work in manual mode. High pressure vessels in reinforced fiberglass,A.S.M.E. approved. Optional remote controls available. CMSSALATORI * WATERMAKERS EASY USE: FULL AUTOMATIC ONE-TOUCH TECHNOLOGY DfSSALATORI - WATERMAKERS this catalog. High Production Reverse Osmosis Watermakers WATERMAKERS - SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS Technical Data (litres / gallons) Voltage (Volt) / Frequency (Hz PLANNED ON DEMAND - UNLIMITED PRODUCTION * other voltages and frequencies available on demand Standard semi-automatic helicoidal flowTFD filter flushing system sand filter

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